CLASSiCS DONT DiE: the next release group stops

CLASSiCS DONT DiE announced that they are ending their activity after 23 years. CDD has released recordings from the TV program.

CLASSiCS DONT DiE – but the group did

The group CLASSiCS DONT DiE (CDD) said goodbye today with the web rip from the summer special of the cooking series “Grill den Henssler” (VOX). They circulated new recordings from the German-language television program on an almost daily basis. Illegal of course.

In the NFO one writes:

“The summer specials will be the last releases, after now 23 years in the scene is over.

I just don’t feel like it more of “serving” the “scene” and having to deliver something under a certain pressure. Lately I haven’t felt like releasing anything anymore…

There are enough other groups that do it.

In that sense… Tschoeoeoe with OE !”


So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

All the best and thanks for the fish, Douglas Adams would probably say now. At alone you can find over 4. individual releases of CLASSiCS DONT DiE. And this is just a snippet of the activity of this group, because xrel’s database only goes back to year 2004. 23 Years is without question a damn long time. Anyone who has been active for so long can be happy that they have not had any legal problems over the years. Apparently they were very careful.

Release groups without opponents?

On the other hand, there are those Pirate hunters from the GVU have not been for a long time. The termination of the largest member MPA had heralded the end of the association at the end 2018. Since the insolvency of the GVU, almost no one has taken action against groups like CDD & Co.

The unofficial successor organization ACE has not yet focused on tracing the sources of all the recordings. So far, the lawyers commissioned by ACE have primarily taken action against obviously illegal download portals, IPTV and streaming providers on the Internet. And thus against the operators of the websites who have benefited from the work of third parties. Talk about the Release Groups.

In the comments that have been made public about the new episode of Steffen Henssler’s cooking arena, the downloaders thank CLASSiCS DONT DiE. Without a doubt, there are other actors who are illegally circulating German-language webrips. Individual episodes of Grill den Henssler were distributed by the P2P groups GDR and fBI (funny bunny industries), to name just one example. But the scene has now undoubtedly lost an active and long-standing group.



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