– Crypto trading platform database exposed

Today the full database of crypto trading platform surfaced. It contains a lot of sensitive customer data.

A new database from the crypto trading platform appeared on the Telegram channel “Leaked Database” this morning. The 09 5 MB SQL database contains the user name , first and last name, e-mail address, phone numbers, country, customer’s encrypted password and much more.

Database leak embarrassing for

The leaked database also shows who invested how much in which cryptocurrency. The saved chat messages with the support of are entertaining but not very helpful for cybercriminals.

The operators are even threatened that they will open their own complaining thread about this provider in the forum. So some customers feel ripped off by them. Support must be listening to a lot if you read the messages sideways.
Advertisement on to buy voucher cards with cryptocurrencies.

Interesting that the main page advertises explicitly that you can buy voucher cards from Amazon, Uber Eats, Walmart and the Playstation Network there using a cryptocurrency. This approach would de facto be very well suited to concealing one’s own money flows and thus any money laundering. Such advertising promises are not visible anywhere else.

Gift cards for money laundering on offer?

The leaked database is of interest to phishers and spammers, especially as customers are all interested in crypto. If you offer them something by e-mail, then it would make sense again to have some products from the crypto sector. There might also be interested parties in new crypto customers who don’t ask any questions and would be willing to pay a bit for all the information.

Automatically extracting the email addresses of from the database using a script would probably be the smallest problem.

The operating company of did not consider it necessary to inform its own customers via Facebook or Twitter find out about the hack. But the activities in the social networks are formerly very limited. Nothing has changed with this provider since the spring of this year. The Reddit account has even been blocked.

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