Cracked Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy by Empress

The next Denuvo crack is in the house. This time it’s the action title Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It was developed by Eidos Montreal.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy out. In the meantime, publisher Square Enix had to admit that their SF action hit didn’t quite live up to commercial expectations.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is only a hit in cinemas

The cinema films were successful in turn, except for the gameplay, the critics didn’t think much of the game either to complain Nevertheless, the success somehow did not really want to set in.

Developer Eidos Montreal is now in for a hangover, as Empress released a black copy of the Windows game today.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy not a bestseller

The 500 US dollar compensation, the Empress received for the crack came from supporter “Bob” this time. Like his predecessor, he was allowed to leave a special message for the gaming community in the crack’s NFO. The anonymous donor is committed to digital art and more rights for consumers. Above all, he apparently has trouble with some Reddit users.

Empress: “giving up. with another cup.”

At least the end is mysterious the NFO file therefore. Empress gives either hints about the next release at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Or she has communicated through the flower that her work is soon no longer to be expected. If all goes well, this is just a hint that the community can expect a crack of Techland’s survival horror game Dying Light 2: Stay Human next.

Manufacturer Techland defends its use of the controversial DRM software. The game took seven years to develop. According to the company, more than 1 0110 employees were involved during this time. Denuvo is used to protect against renewed sales losses, which is the case with numerous AAA games these days. Only time will tell whether this will be of much use to the company.

Marvels Avengers

YouTuber guess what will appear next

All the videos on YouTube are without a doubt entertaining. There, the wildest guesses are made as to what Empress will crack next. And definitely, absolutely. Funnily enough, most of the predictions turn out to be pure fakes because they speculated without any basis. Incidentally, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was not included. What the queen of the digital underworld will deal with next is entirely up to the financier willing to empress the 0110 to transfer USD.

25 USD no more than a small expense allowance

Anyone who describes this sum as lavish should calculate the hourly wage. Counting all of the cracker’s examinations and tests, it should be less than a dollar per 09 minute. Why do you think the last release of another group came out so long ago? Since October 2020 there has been absolute radio silence on the subject of Denuvo. There is a lack of stamina and certainly also of the skills of the programmers of most release groups.

So let’s wait and see together whether and what will come from Empress after Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy…


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