DDoS attack against CannaPower is an attempt at blackmail

Digitale binäre DDoS-Angriff - eine binäre Warnung
Digital binary DDoS attack – a binary warning
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Violent DDoS attacks ensure that which is currently often unavailable for hours with many popular “Queen of Music Warez”.

CannaPower has been fighting heavy DDoS attacks for days. Especially in the evening hours, the attacks are so fierce that the “Queen of Music Warez”, popular with many, is often unreachable for hours. Now it turns out that behind the DDoS attacks is a mean blackmail attempt.

A “devil lawyer” and a Blackmail attempt against CannaPower

It’s been five days now. Last Wednesday evening, CannaPower was suddenly no longer available. Is it because of the servers, or has a hard drive “burned out” again? It didn’t take long and it was clear. The much loved “Queen of Music Warez” is under attack.

DDoS attack against CannaPower

Since that day, the attacks have not stopped. Who could be behind this? Who has a reason to continuously attack CannaPower? About the music industry?

Three days after the first attack came the first “letter of confession” with a Financial support. The sender, an evil_lawyer, demands money to stop the DDoS attacks. Now it was clear to everyone. CannaPower is being blackmailed.

Canna: Pay we definitely won’t

If you know the veteran rock, you knows that CannaPower is mainly financed by donations and a little advertising.

Then I would also have to spend less on servers, which is where all the money from advertising goes. Unfortunately, nowadays you hardly earn anything with advertising on illegal sites, that was before 10 years even better.

Interview with CannaPower

Also that the “income” is just enough, to keep the servers and infrastructure running is no big secret in the scene and among the users.

However, it must also be said that extortion attacks against apparently well-performing websites are unfortunately no longer a rarity. Reddington from RedWareZ also confirms this when asked.

At RedWareZ they try again and again but fail regularly. 😀


Giving in to a mean blackmail attempt can’t be the right path. The “Queen of Music Warez” sees it similarly: “ Firstly on principle and secondly because we simply didn’t have the money to invest in such a to engage in blackmail



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