DDownload – Sharehoster is struggling with problems

DDownload now lost various payment methods and gets bad reviews. It’s about throttling and automatic subscription extensions.

Trouble with scene hoster DDownload. Since the day before yesterday, users have been told that only a limited selection of payment options is currently available.

Various service providers have sorted out DDownload

The Help Desk states:

“We apologize for the current payment options we have. Credit cards, Giropay, Amazon Pay, Sofortüberweisung and other payment methods have been contractually terminated in the last few weeks, which unfortunately we were powerless to do.

We are currently working on offering new payment methods. Unfortunately, at the current time there are only “Resellers” on offer, which you can view via “More payment options” on the premium website.

Or you can use the current payment options from us with Coinpayments (cryptocurrencies) or Cash2Code (Paysafecard alternative) and pay no fees.

We will be able to offer new payment options again in the next few weeks. However, this will take some time.”

FAQs by DDownload.

In order to compensate for the loss, resellers are currently being offered a surcharge of 20 to 30 euros, an insider told us. However, it is questionable how one wants to pay any uploaders in this way, because DDownload pays by means of PPS (Pay Per Sale). Not every uploader wants to have their sales deducted from the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

ddownloads.com Logo, DDownload

89055Scene -Hoster gets bad reviews

Trustpilot and other rating portals have had negative entries for a few days. Some users speculate that DDownload randomly reduces some parts of a download to a low speed. If you want to break through the project, you have to register again. In this case, the download would run again at the usual speed for a certain period of time.

The support, on the other hand, informed the critics that the respective Internet providers such as Swisscom, Wingo, Deutsche Telekom AG etc. are to blame and not them. The ISPs would throttle and not DDownload. So far, however, the argument has not convinced anyone of the opposite, especially since such throttling was not the order of the day in the past.

DDownload extended subscriptions, warnings hidden

But even more blatant is the automatic extension of the subscription and thus the unintentional debiting of the corresponding amount from the credit card etc. A user writes:

“As a customer of DDownload for many years, I had to realize that the new owners have now implemented an automatic subscription process, which is placed so cleverly that the customer does not even notice it. The hint that you can cancel at any time fizzles out because you can’t find it without an intensive search. In any case, I will no longer do business with this company.”


According to customers, the renewal is not even announced. Because it is already too late by the time the debit is made, you no longer have a chance to do anything about it.

Even though the DDownload support states in the comments that they have fixed the speed problems and deactivated the subscription function, many customers stated that they would look for another share hoster after their contract period had expired. Although you have to pay significantly more with RapidGator & Co., there are no problems with transfers and billing, according to Trustpilot.


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