Digital driver's license has serious security deficiencies

The digital driving license is here. But unfortunately it can be manipulated to a high degree, as IT security expert Martin Tschirsich shows via Twitter.

The ID service provider is responsible for creating the digital driver’s license Very responsible. But as it has now turned out, his photo identification process is highly insecure and can easily be manipulated by anyone.

ID Wallet again under criticism

The photo identification of the Verimi app can be tricked with the simplest of means, as the mirror announces in a new report . Already last autumn, the ID wallet for the digital driving license had to face the harsh criticism of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), which has now existed for 40 years. After the latter had expressed extensive security concerns, the service provider Digital Enabling GmbH commissioned with the development was forced to remove the ID wallet from the Google and Apple app stores.

But like the IT Security expert Martin Tschirsich demonstrated on Twitter that the second attempt with the ID service provider Verimi has also failed. Apparently, even this one did not manage to develop a secure solution on the basis of which the driver’s license could be digitized with a clear conscience.

Verimi continues to a photo identification procedure for which the user only has to photograph the front and back of their driver’s license and also upload a selfie. Based on a purely AI-supported process, Verimi wants to have the submitted image data checked automatically. In this way, the company wants to ensure that the owner of the driver’s license has carried out the upload himself and that it is a real person.

It’s that easy to fake the digital driver’s license

But according to Tschirsich, he was apparently able to generate several digital driver’s licenses. On these he could assign himself different names and even change his citizenship. To achieve this, all he had to do was change the personal data on a photo of his driver’s license using image editing software. He could then simply photograph the printout of the manipulated image with the Verimi app and thus generate a digital driving license with the desired changes.

Apparently the data determined by the app is not compared with a driving license register . “ The insecurity of the photo ID is well known “, warns Tschirsich via Twitter.

Fake driver’s license can already be used for car sharing and rental

This seems particularly controversial given that the digital driver’s license is intended to completely replace analog identification papers in the long term. The legal changes required for this are currently still a long way off. But these are certainly only a matter of time in the context of the rapidly advancing digitization.

Nevertheless, the digital driver’s license can already be used for car sharing offers and for renting a rental car. Verimi apparently does not take the values ​​published on its website too seriously. “Your safety is important to us

“, it says. “With your verified data you can prove who you are online.” Seems to work well.

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