Dmitry Pavlov: Hydra admin is silent on multi-million dollar password

Dmitry Pavlov: Seized bitcoin wallet believed to contain hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins. But he is silent about the password.

Dmitry Pavlov may have been one of the founders or “just” one of the server admins at the recently taken down Hydra market. The only thing that is certain is that he should know the key to a bitcoin wallet with estimated hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins.

A huge sum, which the Russian investigative authorities in particular would like to get their hands on sooner rather than later. If only Dmitry Pavlov would tell them the password.

Suspected Hydra Market admin since 11. April imprisoned in Moscow

Hydra Market beschlagnahmtHydra Market beschlagnahmt

Hydra Market confiscated

As early as April of this year, the investigative authorities succeeded in taking a large and coordinated crackdown on crime on the dark web. Even then, the authorities managed to sell bitcoins worth 22 .186.2022 Dollars (22 Secure millions of euros.

As reported by the BKA, German investigators on Tuesday closed down the Russian-language dark web marketplace Hydra Market. They confiscated its server infrastructure in Germany and thus took it offline.

Antonia Frank

Russian investigators only managed to arrest Dmitry Olegovich Pavlov about a week later in Russia Even after his arrest, Pavlov never tires of protesting his innocence:

We are only a hosting company and dispose of about all necessary communication licenses.

We do not manage websites, but provide servers for rent.

Dmitr y Pavlov

Now it turns out that confiscated in April Bitcoin is far from everything. Pavlov has now apparently handed over a bitcoin wallet to the Russian investigative authorities. But he wants to keep the password to himself. With good reason?

Password remains my secret – and with good reason

Hydra Market - Mash-News auf Telegram
Hydra Market – Mash-News on Telegram

Even if it should be of great concern to the investigative authorities in the USA. The likelihood that Russia will extradite Dmitry Pavlov to the United States is infinitesimal to very unlikely.

Since a final verdict is still pending in Russia, one can very well understand that Pavlov does not want to give out any passwords.

Considering the dark web’s turnover and the percentage paid by the merchants to the administration, the bitcoin confiscated by Pavlov could Wallet can be very valuable.

However, the exact amount cannot be determined – Pavlov refuses to give us access.

Report by Mash (Telegram News Channel)

Either plays Dmitry Olegovich Pavlov So with the idea of ​​being able to make a nice life with the contents of the mysterious wallet in the event of an acquittal in Russia. Or he hopes to be able to buy his freedom with the Bitcoin fortune in the event of a conviction.

The latter is probably the most likely due to Russia’s current shortage of foreign exchange.

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