Drachenlord wants to test Madeira for possible relocation

The homeless YouTuber Drachenlord announced that he would visit the tax haven of Madeira. If things go well, he wants to stay on the island.

The youtuber Drachenlord wants to get away from his haters. In current videos, he criticized the lack of opportunities to record new videos. He no longer owns his house. Hotel rooms are not necessarily ideal for video recordings. Several hotels were also terrorized by haters, as Rainer Winkler explains. Losing his driver’s license was also very limiting for him because he can no longer travel with his vehicle. He used the car more often for overnight stays, he complains. Despite his martyrdom, he does not want to disappear from the scene or from the Internet. However, Winkler would like to no longer be available for the hater community in the future.

Neighbors celebrated his departure from the village

Winkler also criticizes the village festival on 25. May on the occasion of his departure from his home village of Altschauerberg. In an older video, he explains that one of his former neighbors more or less “” threw him out of the village. After one would have preferred to use a pitchfork for this, he was now downright “ outlaw“. The residents of the small village have suffered a lot in recent years. There were not only mass gatherings and numerous police operations. The haters came daily in smaller numbers to loudly lure Winkler out of his house. Since the nearest police station is far away, visitors have often already disappeared through the adjacent green areas when the police officers appear in the distance. The municipality tried to end the wave of visitors and permanent noise pollution with regulations, but this was not successful. Now at least peace has returned in Middle Franconia.

Madeira: Drachenlord is looking for alternatives on the island

The YouTuber Drachenlord also criticizes that the media do not speak to him and spread false information about him. A move to Madeira is currently not planned at all. The dragon lord initially only wanted to visit the island to orientate himself there. Contrary to the media reports, he could not see a language barrier as a problem either, because the island is heavily geared towards tourism from other European countries.

It is not true that one does not want to speak to him. Our editor Lars Becker has tried several times in the past to contact Rainer Winkler, which he has refused. Maybe we should have done it like Spiegel Online. Its columnist has demonstrably donated money to Winkler several times. Of course we didn’t do that.

youtube rainer winkler Drachenlord offiziellVeracity of the media reports varies

You also have information about your former partner spreading misinformation. He didn’t live with her in Dortmund, but only slept there one night at most. Besides, they had known each other for a long time. But they weren’t together for long, Winkler continues in his video. The man likes to share. He wedges against other YouTubers like Gronkh, Vik, and Unge. Or recently attacked lawyer Christian Solmecke, whose behavior the dragon describes as “unprofessional“. Because Solmecke dealt with Winkler’s loss of driver’s license in recordings, the Cologne lawyer is only riding a “ wave of attention “, the dragon commented on the video from WBS Law.

youtube rainer winkler Drachenlord offiziell

The dragon lord doesn’t explain why he tried to monetize lewd videos on OnlyFans. At OnlyFans.com you will find countless paid content such as live streams, photos and videos, mostly erotic or pornographic content, behind a payment barrier. Winkler has already uploaded such content to another platform in the past. The videos are no longer available on P0rnhub.

The OnlyFans platform lures you in that you can get up to 7.495 can earn US dollars. The amount of income depends on the number of media displayed and the attitudes of the exhibitors. In the last video, the YouTuber states that Winkler has around 40. euros, but then he would not have needed such actions.

The operators of the portal have meanwhile blocked Winkler’s account for unknown reasons.



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