Dragon Lord Banned on Snapchat, TikTok & OnlyFans

Rainer Winkler’s odyssey continues. Dragonlord is really locked almost everywhere now. It started with YouNow, Twitch and YouTube.

Last night the Schanzenwatch broadcast reported that Drachenlord’s account on TikTok is now also blocked. Anyone who wants to view the user’s videos is only informed that the account is simply no longer available due to a block.

It was OnlyFans.com’s turn this morning. This is particularly bitter for the dragon lord because he had announced that he wanted to deliver some of his streams. Chatter and gaming streams from a video provider specializing in nudity, does that fit? Probably not. In addition, the providers sell their content per video and do not monetize it by means of integrated advertising.

Dragon Lord kicked out of Snapchat & Co.


Today at noon we went on mute. Snapchat also slammed the door in his face. His videos there are also no longer accessible. The last stop for the dragon lord is now the lesser-known video platform odysee.com, where Winkler set up an account many months ago that hasn’t been updated with any new videos for a long time.

The content there is not public. If you want to view the content, you must first become a member. And after registering, you have to pay for each stream played. But who subscribes to the Telegram channel at https://t.me/drache208. can continue to watch the paid videos for free if he absolutely wants to.

The person concerned is not very insightful

Snapchat no longer finds the Dragon Lord.

In one of his most recent videos, Rainer Winkler shows little insight. He has “for whatever reason”

blocked on YouTube collected, which he (funnily enough now) can no longer explain. There had only been one strike before. And “it wasn’t even legally binding”

, he claims . The dragon lord was simply ” stupidly wiped out. I do not know why.” Drachenlord

But he couldn’t have been that clueless, YouTube must have informed the channel owner about the strike set. As a result, he was forbidden from uploading new videos on the main or other channels until the incident was finally clarified. As a heavy user of YouTube, he knew the rules well when he broke them. But Rainer Winkler has published new videos that didn’t even match the content of the channels.

But those who repeatedly fail to comply with the operating company’s specifications must expect the corresponding consequences. And now he can’t explain it all. He was not to blame, he publicly stated …

The haters are already busy reporting new violations at odysee.com – it’s all a matter of time?

haters would Stop actions if Winkler stays offline

But back to the video. After his introduction, Winkler introduces Odyssey viewers to action-packed Marvel’s Spider-Man. It is not clear from the film whether he uses the crack from Fairlight or an original. With the first two paid videos, Rainer Winkler was apparently not even able to convert one euro. The advertising revenue on YouTube, on the other hand, was sufficient to feed him. At odysee the dragon only has 200 followers.

By the way, more than three quarters of the haters in a survey today said that they would be left alone if they completely withdraw from the Internet. The survey has had more than 8 636 participants so far, and the trend is rising. But will that happen?


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