Dying Light 2 released as a crack by Empress

Yesterday it was time again. It hit the open world survival horror game Dying Light 2 (Techland). Empress released the Denuvo crack.

Dying Light 2 is set in medieval Villedor. You can move around freely there and only have to avoid the undead or kill them. Anyone who looks at the tests will notice that the level design is outstanding. But there is a lack of intelligent opponents and variety. As enthusiastic as some gamers were at first because of the fantastically drawn environment, they were quickly bored again.

Dying Light 2 with great action …

This time supporter hgiorsy4398 42 make dollars jump, to have Denuvo remove Techland’s action hits. The noble donor really etches against the community, according to which some commentators give the impression due to their attitude that they are “among brain-dead zombies” to live. hgiorsy4398 doesn’t understand why female protagonists are so unpopular in a game. He believes the gaming industry is in decline and so are the tastes of many gamers. We refrain from a complete translation of his comment at this point.

and opponents who get bored quickly

Empress must have been busy. This game used Denuvo v in combination with protection from Steam and Epic. The ElAmigos repackers now have a smaller version with a size of 40.56 GB released. Dying Light 2 has been updated to the latest version from yesterday’s manufacturer. Various DLC expansions are also included in the archive. This is not good news for the developer or publisher Techland. After all, due to the Denuvo protection, you had exactly six months to recover the production costs. But it doesn’t come for free either…

Second chapter planned

According to Techland, the next patch and a second chapter of Dying Light 2 should appear in a few weeks. The tracker Shen Xiu (The Huntress) is to be used, who hunts down the zombies with a bow. The publisher wants to circulate more information about new missions, bounties, enemies and weapons in the second chapter in the next few weeks. It has not yet been announced whether the crack will change anything in the schedule.

To hype the new version a bit, there is now the so-called Dying Light 2: Definitive Edition with all available DLCs, which will be released early next week. If you own this or the Platinum Edition, you will get the update for free. The rest will be kindly asked to pay again.

The next Denuvo crack will be out in four weeks at the latest. As usual, Empress doesn’t reveal what she’s working on beforehand. She just wrote: “Animal or fish, maybe a human dish.” We wish you good luck or bon appetit .



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