Ebook-Land.cc: Users report registration problems

In the ebook-land.cc forum it has been difficult or even impossible to register as a new user for a long time. We’ll give you a few tips.

We asked the operators of the ebook-land.cc forum how the entry of new users works. Several people complained to the scene box and to us that they supposedly couldn’t create a new account there.

We received the reply that they did not know that registration was impossible. In the first three weeks of May, people registered at ebook-land.cc 35. registered. So it works if you know how.

Ebook-land.cc took action against spam bots

There is ebook-land in the forum. cc, however, a few specifications that should be observed. New users must be sure to enter a real email address. Attempts to register with fake or disposable e-mail addresses are unsuccessful! The nickname should also not be too confusing, such as raptor123Yth. The script used blocks all known providers of fun, disposable or fake e-mail addresses. The admins are concerned with blocking bots that would otherwise endlessly distribute advertising in the forum after an entry. The procedure is therefore understandable.

Fake & fun e-mail providers forbidden

You also have some regular e-mails – Have to put providers on the blacklist. Why? Because they made sending spam messages too easy. Gmail.com, googlemail.com, Yandex etc. made the start. Unfortunately, other blocked providers will probably follow, according to the corresponding thread at ebook-land.cc. The two German providers gmx.de and web.de are also causing problems for the team. The mods can still activate the newly registered users manually if no activation mail arrives.

ebook-land.cc – a little patience is required

It is also advantageous to register only once with a nick and to wait for the moderators to activate it manually. There are often problems with multiple registrations with different or even slightly different pseudonyms. In this case the script of ebook-land.cc really deletes all new entries.

ebook-land.cc, logo

It’s just a hobby. It may take a little time for the moderators to process everything. If you don’t have patience, you have to get your download links for e-books somewhere else. ebook-land.cc is known for its friendly tone and good range of links to comics, magazines and e-books of all kinds. However, as is well known, there are enough comparable providers.

Our test run was successful

In our test run with a reputable e-mail provider, the activation of the new account worked within 24 Hours. Maybe you should just take a different provider. There are enough free e-mail providers to choose from on the Internet.


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