Empress has cracked Evil Genius 2: World Domination

Empress released the crack of the simulation Evil Genius 2: World Domination yesterday. Only a few days have passed since the last one.

Empress, the terror of the gaming industry, yesterday successfully removed Denuvo’s DRM protection from Evil Genius 2: World Domination. After all, Rebellion Developments has had time to monetize the game since late March of last year. The game is also available for all common game consoles. Sales of the Windows version are likely to drop sharply due to the crack. This does not affect Xbox, PS4 and PS5, however.

It all started with a confusing dream for Empress

2014 Empress had a dream that made her hide behind Irdeto’s copy protection. In a dream, she saw chains of numbers wrapped around the Dark Souls 2 game. When she understood what the numbers meant, the DRM chain around the game broke. So much for the dream.

When asked how she managed to overcome Denuvo, she told media representatives that she mixed philosophy with her programming skills. She doesn’t have to do it for ego stimulation, she claims. But she has goals in mind that no one else would set themselves. But anyone who has ever experienced Empress in the chat knows that she is often about fame and honor, which she wants to rake in.

That’s no problem, because there are also exceptions outside of her dream no one left who would be able to successfully overcome Denuvo. It’s been ages since another group’s last Denuvo crack. Scene greats like Codex have meanwhile said goodbye completely.

Game over: Atari switched off the DRM server at the time

The reason for their activity, apart from the dream, was the little-known game Test Drive Unlimited 2 by Atari from the year 2000. When Atari closed the gates, the game protected by SecuROM suddenly stopped running. The same copy protection was also included in BioShock, Mass Effect, Spore and Tron: Evolution.

Empress realized that keeping game titles going was the responsibility of pirates, not publishers. You have to transfer power from the manufacturers to the crackers. That’s exactly what she does. And even though Empress works all by herself, new releases of hers come out at fairly short intervals. It’s only been a little over two weeks since Far Cry 6.

The freedom to do whatever you want with the games!

Empress doesn’t know how gamers can tolerate Denuvo’s limitations at all. They pay and they are still told what they can and can’t do with the game. Empress told WIRED magazine she’s staying active until she crushes the industry. To the delight of many downloaders, this should take a very long time. So far there has been no cure for her talent to the grief of the game industry.


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