EncroChat: 8 operators of the encryption service arrested

CEO Paul Krusky and seven other EncroChat executives were recently arrested in different countries.

Paul Kruska played a key role in the development of the encryption messenger EncroChat. Recently he was arrested and later also his wife.

EncroChat: 8 arrests in several countries

But not only him. Police have arrested eight people suspected of being behind the criminal messenger EncroChat in a cross-border operation in Spain, Dubai and the Dominican Republic. This was reported by the news portal VICE World News.

The coordinated by Europol and French special investigators Series of arrests comes two years after French police hacked into the encrypted messaging network. This has been used by thousands of high profile criminals to coordinate drug deals, money laundering, violence and more.

Since then, thousands of career criminals have been arrested and prosecuted for incriminating phone messages sent via EncroChat or convicted. Only the former operators of EncroChat have remained in the dark so far.

Was Paul K. the mastermind behind EncroChat?

According to the According to the newspaper “Le Parisien”, the action revolved around the Canadian suspect “Paul K.”, who is said to be one of the key figures in this service. He was arrested in the Dominican Republic last month. He was then released for unknown reasons.

In early July, Paul K.’s wife was also arrested, as were six other people suspected of being involved in the operation of EncroChat. The report goes on to say that there were three arrests in Spain and three in Dubai.

The Europol authority is reacting very sparingly to the press inquiries of its colleagues. They were not happy about the fact that the newspaper had already published details of the arrests. The acronym likely refers to Paul Krusky, a Canadian tech whiz who was instrumental in the early development and operation of EncroChat, according to Motherboard Vice. As the investigation showed, EncroChat apparently used a shell company in Panama and a bank account in Luxembourg.

Paul Krusky is mentioned in forum posts from 2002 as employees of an Internet Service Provider with servers in Waterloo, Ontario. So far it is unclear what charges will be brought against Paul Krusky in his role on EncroChat.

Lawyers allege unfair trial in court

A group of attorneys representing defendants in EncroChat cases recently published an open letter. In this they stated that their clients did not receive fair trials because the French military police carried out the technical operation against EncroChat in great secrecy.

Drugs keep coming in like nothing ever happened

EncroChat, Logo

For the authorities there is still no reason to celebrate. Although many thousands of encrochat cases have been initiated in several countries and some have already been closed, the drugs continue to flow unchecked into Europe and the USA as if nothing had happened. In the meantime, many criminals have been caught, but other people have taken over their jobs in the meantime.


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