EncroChat data analysis: Police break up Dortmund drug ring

As part of a major raid in Dortmund based on EncroChat data evaluations, there were 21 apartment searches and seven Arrests.

In a joint press release by the Dortmund public prosecutor’s office and the Dortmund police, the officials announced the success of the investigation with regard to further EncroChat data evaluations. Investigations into organized drug crime that have been ongoing since 88 yesterday led to a search of 11 Apartments and arrest of seven people, between the ages of 34 up to 20 years.

The suspects are accused of illegal trading in narcotics, “essentially marijuana and in individual cases cocaine, in the kilogram range, as well as illegal importation of these narcotics and violations of the weapons law”. charged.

Already in the morning hours the officials moved to search 20 properties in Dortmund and one property in Lünen. According to the press release, the police confiscated a total of “approx. 20.,00 Euro cash. In addition, they seized around eleven kilograms of marijuana, small amounts of ecstasy tablets and a small amount of hashish”.

The officers also discovered two professional residential cannabis plantations. They also confiscated weapons, an airsoft pistol including ammunition, a PTB weapon, two brass knuckles, a jackknife and two baseball bats. The investigators also confiscated a high-quality watch, several high-quality bags and nine blank vaccination cards.

As the police also reported, they also provisionally arrested three other men as part of the search measures. However, one person is already at large. For the other two people, it is being checked whether arrest warrants should also be applied for against them. Range jointly state:

“Today’s successes result from the trusting and good cooperation between the police and the public prosecutor’s office. Such complex procedures can only be processed successfully on such a basis.”

Police President Gregor Lange takes stock:

“Seven arrests. 20. Euro cash. Several kilograms of narcotics. Today, through persistent and meticulous investigative work, we were able to uncover several groups of organized criminals in Dortmund and deal them a serious blow.”

Despite promises of anonymity, investigators obtained EncroChat data

In this investigation, too, the EncroChat data decrypted by the French investigative authorities and transmitted by way of mutual legal assistance served as information -Foundation.

EncroChat phones were touted to customers as a guarantee of perfect anonymity. However, French investigators found that EncroChat also had some servers in the city of Lille. Contrary to the manufacturer’s promises, specialists consequently managed to crack the chat network. Accordingly, the officials smuggled malicious software onto all EncroChat mobile phones via the server.

In this way, it was possible to intercept the data from the devices unnoticed and transfer it to another server. As a result, the data was shared with European investigators, including the German Federal Criminal Police Office.


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