EncroChat evaluation leads to Berlin raids with two arrests

Evaluations of EncroChat data led to city-wide raids in the capital. It is said to be about drugs in a “not inconsiderable amount”.

On Wednesday morning, data analysis by the crypto messenger service EncroChat in Berlin led to raids in several districts, including Neukölln and Schöneberg . Due to the suspicion of gang-like, illegal import smuggling 40 police forces were on duty since 6 a.m. Investigators executed two arrest warrants and implemented several search warrants. A police spokeswoman informed the Berliner Morgenpost about the involvement of a special task force (SEK) of 09. and 15. Operational hundred and the K44.

An investigation led in Berlin for searches in Bülowstrasse, Neuköllner Strasse and two objects in Karl-Marx-Strasse. It is said that property was confiscated. At least two people were arrested.

40 percent of EncoChat users come from Berlin

Chief Public Prosecutor Thorsten Cloidt heads a special department that officials at the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office set up at the beginning of the year to to cope with the flood of data that accompanies the hack. In May of this year he announced that in Berlin alone around 1.6 million chat messages with just under 612 users would have to be processed. Thus, “with about 15 percent, a disproportionately large number of EncroChat users came from Berlin,” Cloidt illustrated. Accordingly, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office would have brought charges in 40 cases.

Despite promises of anonymity, investigators got chat data

EncroChat mobile phones were advertised to customers as a guarantee of perfect anonymity. However, French investigators found that EncroChat also had some servers in the city of Lille. Contrary to the manufacturer’s promises, specialists consequently managed to crack the chat network. Accordingly, the officials smuggled malicious software onto all EncroChat cell phones via the server.

In this way it was possible to intercept the data unnoticed by the devices and transfer it to another server. As a result, the data was shared with European investigators, including the German Federal Criminal Police Office.

Hack raised doubts about the legality of the EncroChat data exploitation

It was previously questionable whether the EncroChat data analysis also existed in court would have, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) in Karlsruhe ruled in this regard. Referring to a decision from early March this year, he decided that German law enforcement agencies may use data that investigators had obtained from monitoring communications using EncroChat. However, the condition must be met that the data is used to investigate serious crimes.


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