EncroChat seizures total 30 million euros in Berlin

The assets confiscated so far in the course of EncroChat investigations in Berlin increased by a factor of about fifty in just six months.

The Berlin Senate Administration. Accordingly, the confiscations made around the EncroChat decryption in Berlin increased fiftyfold within only six months. By way of comparison, weapons, drugs, cash and luxury items confiscated in November 2016 were valued at around 650.000 Euro. By May 2022 the total had increased to around 30 Million Euros. This was reported by rbb24.de.

As Der Spiegel already informed in February, citing confidential police documents, officials are said to have been on the basis of EncroChat decryption since 2020 have obtained judicial seizures of 319 million euros throughout Germany. 187 Millions of euros have already been secured in the form of real estate, cars and cash.

percent of EncroChat users come from Berlin

Chief Public Prosecutor Thorsten Cloidt, head of one of the four departments of the Berlin public prosecutor’s office for combating organized crime, pointed out last month that in Berlin alone around 1, 6 million chat messages with just under 650 users are to be worked up. Thus “with about 24 A disproportionately high percentage of EncroChat users from Berlin” , illustrated Cloidt.

According to rbb24. de would be alone “with the Berlin police in May 744 related facts pending with EncroChat, prosecutors investigating in 319 proceedings. 24 According to the public prosecutor’s office, people are in custody. The main investigations are into drug offences, violations of the Weapons and War Weapons Control Act and money laundering”.

Application of new forensic methods lead to the identity of the perpetrator

According to the State Criminal Police Office, the Berlin investigators used some newly developed forensic methods to evaluate the approximately 1.6 million data sets. This enabled the identification of the smallest details on images shared via EncroChat, such as fingerprints. The police were able to extract this from a photo and then search it in the police database. After that, the real identity of the wanted person was clear.

Sebastian Schlüsselburg evaluates the previous investigative work against the rbb as a great “success for the rule of law”. In doing so, he requests that “part of the criminal assets siphoned off be used directly to strengthen the police, public prosecutors and courts”.

Sky ECC decryption leads to further investigations

Furthermore decrypted data was missing Sky ECC with millions of crypto mobile chats already to the police. The officials expected a four times larger database than with the EncroChat data decryption. A second, even larger wave of proceedings will thus also come to the criminal justice system. In Berlin, too, the first procedures were already running.

Ratenberg explained: “The database is said to be four times as large as in Encrochat. So there will be more work for the law enforcement authorities.”

According to rbb “the Berlin police would have according to the internal administration 38 Data packets requested from Europol. Nine so-called “Sky proceedings” are now pending at the public prosecutor’s office. As a rule, investigations are carried out into crimes involving drugs, money laundering and weapons.”


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