Epson limits the lifespan of some of its printers

Some Epson printers are programmed to be disabled after a period of use due to a security feature.

In itself, the Most of the Epson printers affected by a shutdown continue to function perfectly even after their planned decommissioning by the printer manufacturer. Nevertheless, Epson has decided to limit their lifespan. This is due to a security feature in the printer. A repair would certainly be feasible, but the measure urges the customer to buy a new one. Fighttorepair reported about it currently.

The planned end of life, also known as obsolescence, is achieved a specially designed program. It rings the “End of Life” a. Epson refers to “the risk of damage caused by spilled ink”. The printer manufacturer is urging its customers to either replace their hardware or seek “authorized repair”.

The printer manufacturer informs

Epson informs in this context:

“Like so many other products, Epson consumer inkjet products have a limited lifespan due to component wear and tear during normal use. At some point the product will reach a point where either satisfactory print quality cannot be maintained or the components have reached the end of their useful life.

The message relates to the ink pads, which are porous pads inside the printer that collect, distribute and contain the ink that is not used on the printed page. Ink is collected from these pads during initial product setup, cleaning cycles, and when printing borderless photos.”

Epson warns that continued use of the product “would result in ink leakage from the printer, which could damage either the environment in which the printer is located or an electrical one.” causes the printer to malfunction, which may result in a fire and/or electric shock”. Once that point is reached, Epson will display a warning and render the printers unusable until the pads are replaced. According to Fighttorepair, the self-bricking problem affects the Epson models L82, L220, L310, L310 and L310, but could also occur on other models.

Old problem re-examined

As reported by Ars Technika, the problem has existed for years. There are already videos on YouTube showing other Epson users how to manually swap out these pads to bring their printers back to life.

The company offers a Windows-only pad reset utility. This extends the life of the printer at least for a short time. However, you can only use it once. After that, the hardware will either have to be serviced completely or replaced.

A report about this reached Twitter at the end of July and drew new attention to Epson’s problem. In a post, Professor Mark Tavern of the University of New Haven expresses his outrage at his wife’s Epson printer. After working properly, the printer suddenly warned that it would stop working without repair.

Epson reacts to criticism: sustainability is now preferred

The printer manufacturer has now adapted its corresponding help page. He is currently focusing on sustainability aspects on several occasions and advocates repairing the devices instead of advising exclusively to dispose of them and thus to buy new ones. On the one hand, the previous one-off solution of simply resetting the meter reading with the help of a reset program remains in place.

On the other hand, there are now supplementary repair solutions for deactivated printers. From now on, those affected should contact customer service, at least in the USA and Canada. There you can find out about the “Epson Low-Cost Ink Sponge Replacement Service”. This offers shipping and handling to and from the manufacturer. Local and certified technicians could also be used to replace the sponges. However, the manufacturer advises against repairing affected Epson printers yourself. According to numerous YouTube videos, this is not a big deal and should not be a problem for laypeople either.

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