Euro.Post: Tempting job offer turns out to be order fraud

Be careful with a job offer from Euro.Post on Watchlist Internet warns of order fraud in this regard.

Euro.Post describes itself as a European delivery service and currently offers jobs on the website. For an hourly wage of 25 euros, the applicants should previously resend received packets. However, Watchlist Internet warns of the job offer. If you agree to this, you may be involved in an order fraud. This makes you therefore liable to prosecution.

Euro.Post: From dream job to criminal complaint

The of Euro.Post The job offered can easily be done from home, the company is so attractive. All you need is a phone, a laptop and space for storing and sending packages. Euro.Post provides 25 euros per hour without prior knowledge in prospect and also attracts with extra bonuses. Meanwhile, however, potential applicants fall for criminals. Behind the serious-looking job offer is a “position” as a fraud assistant. The hoped-for dream job could quickly mutate into a nightmare. Source: Watchlist Internet

Order fraud: This is how the fraudsters act

According to the Internet Watchlist, fraudulent companies such as Euro.Post advertise job seekers through a professional website on. Here the supposed company uses the Austrian Post logo unlawfully. Employment contracts that look deceptively real follow. Applicants should forward packets received here to their employers.

Those affected, on the other hand, have no idea that the parcels “were stolen from classified ads or order fraud” contain. Criminals often pay for the goods with stolen credit cards. Then enter the home address of the applicant as the delivery address. Thus, the investigators’ trail leads from the victims of the order fraud to the people who are supposed to forward the goods to the criminals for payment.

If the police contact the employees concerned, they will only realized that they were complicit as part of a scam. According to ยง 72 StGB (Penal Code), order fraud, also known as commercial credit fraud, subject to a fine or imprisonment of up to five years, depending on the seriousness.

Tips for those affected

Watchlist Internet finally addresses the question of how order fraud victims should behave:

“If you have found a job advertisement from Euro.Post, we advise you to ignore it. If you found the job via a job portal, you can report the fraud to the job portal to have the job advertisement removed.

You made contact with the criminals? We advise you to cut off contact immediately and not to provide the criminals with any further data. If you have given your credit card details, it may make sense to check your bank statements for unauthorized debits over the next few weeks.

If you have already signed the employment contract and are receiving parcels, we advise you to contact the police. Describe your situation and discuss how to proceed.”

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