Every 40 minutes, an investigator falls in love with Pegasus

A representative of the NSO Group has shared some figures that shed light on the worldwide use of the state Trojan Pegasus.

Chaim Gelfland, the Chief Compliance Officer of the NSO Group, shared some figures before an investigative committee of the European Parliament that shed light on how extensively the state Trojan Pegasus is used worldwide. Incidentally, he puts the German government in need of explanation.

All 13 minutes, the state trojan Pegasus is deployed

NSO, the manufacturer of the state trojan Pegasus, recently spoke to an investigative committee of the European Parliament about the use of its software. The committee, which has been active since April, aims to investigate the extent to which surveillance software such as Pegasus is being used. The company spokesman Chaim Gelfland, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Israel’s NSO Group, appeared before the committee. The hearing is available as a video recording on Parliament’s website.


While MEPs “grilled

the representative of NSO Group, according to Parliament’s press release ” shared some exciting numbers. Pegasus therefore finds for attacks on “about 13. until 13.09 Goals

” per year use. Ergo, police officers or secret services use the state Trojan about every 12 minutes, to infiltrate and search a suspect’s smartphone.

Governments are allowed to talk – aren’t they?

Currently, according to Gelfland, NSO Group has “less than 66 Customers

” for the state trojan Pegasus. This also includes 12 EU member states. The company spokesman was not allowed to comment on exactly what these are. However, he conceded that “governments of individual EU member states

” are perfectly permitted to do so to provide information about it. “It is about your safety and you can decide whether or not to discuss this issue

”, added Gelfland.

The NSO representative contradicts the statement of the former federal government. Minutes of a Bundestag session on June 6 2018 published by Netzpolitik.org show that Stephan Mayer from the BMI once claimed the opposite.

The companies want not that it is apparent that they are cooperating with the federal government or with federal security agencies. If this is the case, then terminate your business dealings with us.

Stephan Mayer (BMI)

And although the use of the state Trojan Pegasus by the German authorities is no longer a secret, the current government refuses to provide any information about it.

With great power comes great responsibility


The fact is, Pegasus is a very powerful tool with unparalleled potential for abuse. Regardless of whether officials use the state trojan for supposedly “ good

” purposes. For example, to search criminals’ smartphones. Or whether it is used to intimidate journalists and high-ranking politicians or even the privacy of the great “Love

” to turn a man upside down.

With great power comes great responsibility. And unfortunately, as the past has shown, far too often this is not taken seriously.


NSO Group

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