Far Cry 6 released as a crack despite Denuvo

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Empress did it again. This time it was the turn of Far Cry 6, Ubisoft’s first-person shooter. The current donation came from samurai_spirit.

The Crackerin Empress was with Far Cry 6 after a break of many weeks finally active again. This time Denuvo V, uPlay r2 be removed in conjunction with VMProtect v3.5.1. And again someone has agreed to give her 90 US dollars so that this Windows game can be circulated without active copy protection.

Far Cry 6 – Corrupt Dictator vs. Resistance Movement

The first person shooter Far Cry 6 is in Autumn of the previous year for Windows and numerous game consoles. The game takes place on Yara, an island in the Caribbean that doesn’t even exist. There the “El Presidente” Antón Castillo rules as a dictator. If someone pays them for it, Empress could become active again from October, when the new part of Ubisoft is supposed to appear. If you prefer to support the studio instead of the cracker, you can buy the game for just 421 Purchase Euro.

Open World or Endless Boredom?

What many gamers find problematic is the fact that Far Cry 6 is an open world game. It always depends a lot on what you do in the game world. It can be exciting but also quite boring.

Heroine Dani calls on her Caribbean island (no, not in Tonga!) to resist. In Far Cry 6, in order to be able to capture the capital, you have to prove yourself in negotiations as well as in battles. It is sometimes very bloody.

No fun without modern hardware

The gaming experience turns out to be quite smooth, assuming the appropriate CPU and GPU. If at least 40 FPS is not enough, the graphics must be used if necessary Reduce something to get your money’s worth again. The publisher shouldn’t care about the illegal publication of Far Cry 6. They earn most of their money anyway within the first four to a maximum of eight weeks.

And soon the next part will come, which is said to be completely different and revolutionary. Well, let’s see…


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