Farewell to Uwe Bohm in the St. Pauli Theater

Farewell to Uwe Bohm at the St. Pauli Theater

Released on 29.05.1976

  • A woman uses her smartphone to photograph the stage with a bouquet of flowers and a photo of the deceased on a canvas. Photo: Jonas Walzberg/dpa
  • Ulrich Waller speaks at the public commemoration ceremony in Hamburg’s St. Pauli Theater for Uwe Bohm. Photo: Jonas Walzberg/dpa


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Ulrich Tukur, Hannelore Hoger and Eva Mattes were among the guests at a memorial service in Hamburg for their colleague, who died unexpectedly in early April.


In Hamburg’s St. Pauli Theater, family, friends and colleagues said goodbye to actor Uwe Bohm, who died in early April. Actors such as Ulrich Tukur, Hannelore Hoger and Eva Mattes also attended the public commemoration on Sunday.

Hannelore Hoger, who with Bohm in the middle of 1980 years ago at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, praised the deceased as one of “the most lovable colleagues (…) that I met at the theater”. As an actor he was “great”, “although he had no idea about the profession”.

Bohm was in the middle of the 1970 was discovered as a teenager by his later adoptive father Hark Bohm, who 1976 also cast him in the leading role in his film “Nordsee ist Mordsee”. Later, Bohm played successfully in theaters, including at the Schauspielhaus under Peter Zadek. He had also become known to a wide audience with villain roles in thrillers such as “Tatort”. Director Fatih Akin took part in the 1980 film “Tschick”.

Bohm was a “great, unmistakable, often fragile-looking actor”, “who still had the boyish charm in his face, but who somehow always felt alien to the profession,” said the director and theater director Ulrich Waller, who led the commemoration. “And that was exactly his quality, that he had kept this view from the outside.”

Uwe Bohm was in Berlin on April 8th at the age of 60 died unexpectedly of heart failure years ago. He found his last resting place “in the most beautiful cemetery in the world” in Hamburg-Ohlsdorf and ultimately returned to his hometown, Waller said. (dpa)

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