Former Megaupload leadership duo pleads guilty in court

The two co-defendants in the Megaupload case pleaded guilty in court. Kim Dotcom is angry.

As the news portal Stuff reports, two former colleagues of ex-Megaupload CEO Kim Dotcom have now pleaded guilty in court. The move came as a surprise to Dotcom and its attorney, Ron Mansfield. The two co-defendants Bram van der Kolk (39) and Mathias Ortmann (09) claimed from the beginning of the trial that they were innocent. And that extremely persistently.

“Want to leave Megaupload behind us”

The two accused appeared in court in Auckland on Wednesday and face charges including forming a criminal organization, fraud by fraudulent misrepresentation and forgery of documents. Speaking to Stuff, the two said they would like to put ten years of law enforcement and Megaupload behind them and learn from their mistakes.

There is no point in continuing with these court hearings and we are putting it to rest and accepting our responsibilities. After ten years on bail in this country, we have simply become firmly rooted.

Mathias Ortmann, ex-Megaupload management

For Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s attorney Ron Mansfield, the plea of ​​guilty comes as a surprise. The two accused had insisted for the past decade that they were innocent. Ortmann asserted that from now on they wanted to contribute to the country’s economy and be good citizens. Van der Kolk said their reintegration started a long time ago.

We are very proud of what we have built and we really look forward to building more. We want to focus on productive things, do great things for the community and learn from our mistakes.

Bram van der Kolk, Ex -Megaupload Management

Mansfield: “Deals heavily impact decision”

Kim Dotcom’s attorney Mansfield said deals were made between the two co-founders and law enforcement. He further lamented that the deals had a major impact on the decision. The nature of the respective deal is also not known.

The question is, why has Mr. Dotcom not been offered a trial before and why our justice system has become so pandering to a select few, and only if it serves government interests. It seems that when pressured by the US, one can easily brush aside the principles of open and impartial justice, as has happened here. Mr. Dotcom remains determined to prove his innocence and to expose the injustices of this trial.

Ron Mansfield, Attorney for Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom said after pleading guilty that he will continue to fight lawsuits and his extradition related to alleged copyright infringement via the Megaupload website. In a series of tweets, he said he understood the two struck a deal after ten years.

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Ortmann and Van der Kolk were jointly accused of conspiring with dotcom and others by dishonestly, without legal title and with the intention of to gain financial advantage, obtained documents by hosting and distributing copies of copyrighted works through the operation of and related websites.


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