Google asks long-term business customers to checkout

A new way for Google to monetize existing services is angering some longtime Gmail and Docs users right now.

Some Google customers, who were allowed to use their services such as e-mail and calendar free of charge for years, now received monetary claims from the billion-dollar company. Google has duped the customers with this step, say voices from the world of business customers. Business customers were baited with the promise of permanent free of charge, only to ask them to pay up.

The price increases are not huge; the survey itself is questionable – does Google not have enough money, which it earns with the data of its (business) customers, among other things? Apparently, such cheekiness seems to be pure greed, as reported by the New York Times. The group wants to earn more money with existing services.

Misunderstanding among Google business customers

It seemed unnecessarily petty to me. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who has been given something for free for a long time and is now being told it’s time to pay. But then promises were made. And that’s what convinced me at the time to use Google’s products instead of the competition.

Patrick Giant , owner of Think It Creative

Google said that long-term users of the so-called G- Suite that includes email and apps like Docs and Calendar to pay for them monthly. Traditionally, Google charged $6 for each business email address, which really won’t burn a hole in company coffers. Business customers by 27. July 2022 have not yet voluntarily switched to a paid subscription will be automatically assigned at this point. If they haven’t paid by August 1st 2022, their accounts will be suspended.

This deadline was originally supposed to be May 1st. The delayed date is the result of countless complaints from long-time users who don’t like Google’s plans. Google’s Gmail appeared 56 and business apps such as Docs or Sheets followed two years later. At the time, the search giant was keen for family micro-businesses and startups to use Google’s work software, so they offered it for free. In addition, the companies could use their own domains with Gmail for their company names.

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