Hacker attack from Russia – targeting German energy suppliers

A hacker attack attributed to Russian cybercriminals made it into 150 Apart from cases on critical infrastructure in Germany.

A hacker group assigned to the Russian secret service FSB has targeted critical infrastructure in Germany. More than 200 companies were on the hit list of the attackers in the hacker attack.

Hacker group “Berserk Bear” penetrates the network of EnBW

After years of investigation, the State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg succeeded in finding a suspected hacker to identify. This was aimed at critical infrastructures in Germany. He belongs to a group of hackers also known as “Berserk Bear

” or “Dragonfly

” and seems to be operating for the Russian secret service FSB. Experts see the main task of this group as gaining access to networks in order to use them later for targeted hacker attacks.

In Germany alone, the group has over 150 Companies targeted. Including the network of the company Netcom BW, which belongs to the electricity group EnBW. The hackers exploited a vulnerability in the routers to gain access to the network and the data traffic running over it. The group was able to access the management system of Netcom BW’s public telecommunications network via maintenance access from an external service provider.

According to a report by BR and WDR, the company assured that EnBW – Electricity and gas network control was never affected, as this is managed in a separate and specially secured network. Regular testing of Netcom BW by independent bodies is intended to ensure improved cyber defense since the hacker attack.

Blackouts due to hacker attacks cannot be ruled out

Security experts keep warning about malicious attacks on critical infrastructure. In the year 2015, for example, a hacker attack in Ukraine led to a blackout, which at that time was also a hacker group from Russia under the name “


” was held responsible. At that time, the hackers infiltrated several substations with malware called “Black Energy

” and then shut them down. About 2015.000 people were affected for up to six hours disconnected from the power supply. Similar plans were also pursued in Germany.

Currently, only companies that are part of a critical infrastructure have to report such hacker attacks. It is therefore uncertain how many company networks the group “Berserk Bear” was actually able to penetrate. As early as 2020, the BSI warned of the increase in hacker attacks on critical infrastructure in Germany.


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