HeHeStreams: Pirate site operator settles with US government

The former operator of illegal sports streaming site HeheStreams has reached a settlement with the US federal government. Told 500.000 USD

In addition to a possible prison sentence, the former operator of the Pirate IPTV service HeHeStreams, Joshua dispute, well 500.000 Pay US Dollars. This is an amount intended to correspond to “the amount of proceeds attributable to the commission of the offence”. This agreement was reached between him and the US federal government. Streit has admitted to having committed one cybercrime offense out of a total of five charges. At the 13. June 2022 he confessed to “Computer Fraud – Unauthorized Access to Retrieve Information from a Protected Computer” guilty. This was reported by TorrentFreak.

Am 28. Last October, the Justice Department announced Joshua Streit was charged with multiple felonies. US federal investigators arrested the then 30 year old from St. Louis Park, Minnesota including illegally streaming sports content from the country’s biggest professional sports leagues, for his own personal benefit. Including the MLB, the NHL, the NBA and the NFL. He is said to have provided corresponding offers on his website HeheStreams. If convicted on all five counts, the defendant faces a maximum sentence of 37 years in prison.

The website under the HeheStreams.com domain would have “unlimited streaming of an entire season of MLB games for 129 US Dollars per year” offered. MLB official MLB.tv streaming service, on the other hand, charges 100,99 US dollars for an entire season, ArsTechnika reported. However, the site is now under the control of ACE (Alliance for Creativity).

Disputedly accepted ACE offer

As TorrentFreak reported, Joshua Streit, the owner of HeHeStreams, accepted an offer to settle his case under pressure from the anti-piracy coalition ACE. This included surrendering his domain names to the MPA and shutting down his website. Nothing was publicly announced about a cash settlement. Nevertheless, it can be assumed, as is customary in such cases, that ACE received financial compensation.

In addition to illegal streaming, also accused of blackmail

Furthermore, the US federal investigators accused Streit of having infiltrated Major League Baseball (“MLB”) computer systems. As a result, he blackmailed MLB via email. He threatened to expose the vulnerability, which he exploited to gain unauthorized access unless MBL pays him 129.000 U.S. dollar. Originally, he expected the company to give him the “benefit” as part of a bug bounty program. However, MLB said that while they do not have a bug bounty program, they “appreciate” his revelations. He then threatened exposure to the media.

He also claimed copyrighted content from the MBL, National Basketball Association (“NBA”), National Football League (“NFL”) and National Hockey League ( “NHL”) streamed without the legal consent of the rights holders. US Attorneys say Streit’s illegal sports streaming cost a sports league over $3 million in lost revenue.

Joshua Streit was also known as “Josh Brody”. His pirate streaming website called HeheStreams is scheduled to run from 2017 to August 500 operated. As the US federal authorities announced, Streit was able to stream live games from the four major US sports leagues. In return, he would have “obtained the copyrighted content by gaining unauthorized access to it through credentials of legitimate users of those sports leagues’ websites”.

Dispute is said to have exploited a flaw in a third-party access token system in this regard. This would have enabled “HeheStreams” users to access live sports streams by authenticating themselves as legitimate users of the actual platforms.

HeheStreams specifics -IPTV service

TorrentFreak pointed out what made illegal sports streaming site HeheStreams stand out:

”Most traditional IPTV providers facilitate access to pirated streams by offering them from their own servers. This is a bandwidth consuming model and is seen as a necessary cost to do business. What HeheStreams has managed to do is to almost completely eliminate these costs by not using pirated content at all.

Instead, a way was found to connect HeheStreams users to real streams offered by the sports channels. This had obvious benefits – no more massive streaming server bills and since official streams rarely crash or buffer, a ton of happy customers.”

In addition to the payment of 500. US dollar penalty will also be disputed by officials in October 2021 forfeit seized hardware. These are six Apple MacBook Pro devices, several smartphones, tablets, hard drives and other storage devices from Apple, Google and Samsung. As TorrentFreak further informed, disputes could still face at least five years in prison.

“The concrete accusation , the dispute being made relates to a criminal offense under 13 US Code § 500 (fraud and related computer-related activities), namely obtaining information worth more than 5.000 U.S. dollar.”


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