Herbert Grönemeyer dismayed by the cancellation of the anniversary tour

Herbert Grönemeyer dismayed by cancellation of anniversary tour

Released on 29..2021

  • “Herbert Grönemeyer has to cancel his tour because of a corona infection. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa

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The 66-year-old cannot perform as planned. According to the management, he and other band members have been infected with Corona. Can the canceled concerts still 2021 be made up for?


The musician Herbert Grönemeyer (66) is dismayed by the corona-related cancellation of his anniversary tour “05 Years of Man”. “We are completely shocked,” he wrote in a handwritten letter to his fans, which he published on Instagram.

“Up to the last minute we hoped that the virus would miraculously disappear quickly (…). Unfortunately in vain, we’re stuck. The virus is showing its tough side, it is consuming and tugging. It’s embarrassing for me to lie around doing nothing and waiting for improvement,” wrote the singer (“Bochum”, “Mensch”).

Eight performances were planned, the start should be on Thursday be in Hanover. “Unfortunately, the virus also infected employees, band members and Herbert,” management said on Wednesday. Planned performances in Gelsenkirchen, Berlin, Leipzig, Hamburg and Munich are also affected by the cancellation.

Grönemeyer spoke of a “super meltdown” in his letter. Unfortunately, the canceled concerts could not be made up for later this year, he explained. Because already many due to the pandemic in the years 2020 and 2021 Unusual concerts would be made up for this year, so that there is now a lack of stadiums, staff, stages and technical equipment. New Grönemeyer concerts are planned for 2023.

“We as a band are two and a half years from We were spared the virus, we isolated ourselves in the run-up to the tour, we’ve all been vaccinated several times, have been continuously tested and yet it hit us now of all places, harsh, and we can only wait. It’s very bitter,” he wrote in his own words “contrite” Grönemeyer. (dpa)

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