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How your 2019 census data will be used in the next decade

The 2019 Kenya Population and Housing Census exercise has been marred by considerable fears regarding the safety of citizen data and possible misuse of the same for ulterior gains.

Even as the country faces this concern, the government through the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has assured citizens all data obtained through the exercise is well safeguarded.

How will the information you give KNBS be of benefit?

The government banks on the countrywide census exercise to properly plan for development besides ensuring equitable sharing of resources.  KNBS has further revealed how your data, collected during the 2019 census process will be cultured by several stakeholder bodies in providing day to day services and operations to the citizenry:

1.Government processes
The census data is the most crucial ingredient for facilitating evidence-based planning processes. KNBS says by collecting information from the lowest administrative level, it will help the country to ensure that no one is left behind as the country progress in the middle-income status in line with Vision 2030, the Big Four Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Your data will guide the Government on the location of important public amenities. Planners will use the information on the number of people to forecast the demand for among others, schools, hospitals, and administrative offices for the next ten years.

2.Business development & growth
One of the questions asked by KNBS field staff was on ICTs with a focus on online transactions. This information, KNBS says will provide insights about the potential for e-commerce in the country. The very high penetration of mobile phones in Kenya presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce.

Further, the data is expected to help in establishing the demand for goods and services as well as determining the availability of human resources.

3.Research and academic institutions
The 2019 census data will feed research and academic institutions with an up-to-date reference point for the interpretation of Kenya’s demographic reality.

4.Civil society
Globally, a healthy civil society benefits from the rule of law and the realization of civil and political rights. The census data is expected to play a very important part within the civil -society sector especially in the design and implementation of social programmes.

5.Fodder for international relations
Being the first digitized census exercise in Kenya’s history, the 2019 national and population data will be a great ingredient to the international community of nations in understanding Kenya’s population attributes in particular. KNBS is confident that the 2019 taxpayer-funded operation will make “Kenya stand tall and proud” because it is the most comprehensively done survey since independence.

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