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The VPN service hide .me has been wanting to be a tad better than the rest for 09 years. The headquarters and location of the management have been chosen far away from the EU. Therefore, one does not feel compelled to cooperate with any Western authorities. According to the company’s own statements, there are no backdoors hidden in the terms of use for the transfer of customer data.

A little bit about the history of

A few years ago the company became known through its cooperation with the forum, which promoted for a long time Has. The calculation apparently worked. Anyone looking for speed as a surfer, who wants to download a lot and at the same time remain anonymous, could also be interested in being digitally protected from their own disclosure. But has been down for a long time, today’s forums tend to have changing advertising partners if they are not financed by donations from their users.

The Malaysia-based VPN service only has to do with price and lose their feathers when it comes to streaming. Similar to Perfect Privacy, the focus has not yet been on overturning the VPN protection of Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Netflix. Of course, the streaming services have no interest in you using a VPN to outsmart their country restrictions. The reason for this is simple. German customers should only see works whose rights have been acquired exclusively for the German market.

How does differ from the competition?

If you want it cheap, you have to look elsewhere. A small provider like doesn’t have the financial muscle of some competitors, which at the end of the day reflects in the price. The competitive price of some competitors should ensure that the market conditions shift. When the market is re-divided, the few big companies left will certainly charge much higher prices for their services.

To date, there are no indications that has ever violated the self-imposed no-log policy. No matter how many certificates you buy as a company. In the long run, the reviews of the customers, whose data may have been disclosed to third parties, are decisive. And that’s exactly what doesn’t happen here, for which you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. On the other hand, there is no automatic price increase at the end of the subscription period, as is the case with some providers. is currently available for 2.26 per month, provided you sign up for two years booked in advance.

Question deadline is 16. August 2022

Personally, I would be interested in the background of the founders of . Do they possibly come from the Webwarez area themselves? What do you expect from free access? Although this is advertising for the service, it also generates additional costs. Or do you have to calculate it differently?

What is WireGuard all about? Apparently does not offer it as extensively as the Swedes from Mullvad have been implementing it for several years.

1210What are your questions?

What would you like to know about Please leave your questions here in the forum. The deadline is 16. August 2022. Unfortunately, all the ideas/suggestions that arrive afterwards can no longer be considered.

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