Interview with, the land of milk and honey for scammers has almost everything fake you can imagine. We talked to one of the three founders.

The obviously illegal portal helps if written evidence should get stuck . When you change employer or place of residence, when filing your tax return and on other occasions, you often need official papers that you may not even have.

Resourceful surfers come up with stupid ideas and order flawless credit reports from Schufa, DHL -Posting receipts, receipts, invoices, registration confirmations, etc. Of course everything is digital, everything is affordable and everything is fake! Of course, the operators cannot guarantee their customers that the fakes will not be recognized.

Of course, the use of such sources is prohibited and could result in serious criminal penalties. But hand on heart. Who still puts documents through their paces these days? Does someone at the tax office or new employer really take a closer look to see if the scans of the documents are real? Probably not.

We recently met with 69ineGFX, one of the founders and operators of maintain.

Operators of accidentally landed in the gray area How are you actually came to the subject of fraud? Did you stumble across it on the net?

Actually, I’ve been working in the graphics field for six to seven years. Stumbling onto the dark rail was more or less by accident when googling for Netflix accounts.

Invisibility Cloak .info: And what appeals to you as a graphic designer?

Certificate of good conduct to go…

I just enjoy making people happy. In addition, it is comparatively easy money to some other jobs in real life. How did instant ? There are already other comparable offers in the German-speaking underground, aren’t there?

There used to be one or two good sites. But these went offline after a while and that’s why I wanted to create my own page at the customer’s request. Also to relieve me a little of all Jabber and Board orders.

69ine, instant-docs.toThree people control How many people are involved, what are their tasks?

Three people are involved or own That would be:

69ine: GFXler

fak3r: Coder

pwned: Admin of the German Business Network (GBN), to which currently belongs. So he is a quasi-silent partner. The website is operated by GBN. As an outsider, what do you have to imagine by that?


We are a group consisting of several people with different areas of responsibility. Create, call, code graphics, we also offer tools for filling. Vic Swatting and a bunch of other services.

Explanation: Swatting of the Vics (victims) is for sole purpose and cyber harassment alone. A police team is sent home to the person concerned after their exact whereabouts have been discovered. Are DDoS -Attacks an issue? Is Cloudflare’s protection sufficient in your case?

DDoS attacks are unfortunately an issue from time to time, but they are currently coming we are quite clear with that. If the whole thing gets out of hand at some point, pwned and fak3r will take good care of it 😉

Customer data will be deleted regularly How did you protect yourself and your customers against the activities of the law enforcement authorities?

The site is split across multiple servers and our database is sufficiently encrypted and regularly purged of all customer data. Of course, this cannot happen every day, because some only arrive after 2-3 days due to support of their order.

instant-docs.toimpfbuch, impfpass

all you can fake at Yes, of course, the transfer must be completed before the data is deleted . Why did you choose the Clearnet over the Tor network? With the pages loading so quickly, it can hardly be the case that you keep the online shop in the Darknet.

Clearnet is theoretically seen the easiest for everyone. I personally wanted everyone to be able to use the site. So also people who are not so well versed with the whole thing and maybe don’t even know what Tor is. How is it that the credit check from the Schufa at Instant is the most expensive? Is this harder to forge than the front and back of a modern ID card? The original included of all negative features costs just under 44 Euro, your fake Euro.

The prices in the shop are based on market prices. Since we didn’t want to dump the prices, we simply took the current price that was on the market. But we will definitely adjust that.

Coming soon forged ID cards with your own photo Can I only use existing photos for the ID or upload one myself, which will then be inserted?

Currently only predefined photos but a script for your own photos is already available. All you have to do is implement the code. How come you don’t sell any Corona certificates? Is it no longer possible to earn money with it because the pandemic subsided in the summer?

I think there is currently a need for Corona -Certificates not really available. The necessary PSDs (Photoshop templates) would definitely be available and could be installed directly by fak3r.

impfbuch, impfpass

158461A bad conscience would be a hindrance this business Let’s wait for autumn or winter, whether that demand will increase again. Something a little different: Don’t you feel guilty about issuing knowingly forged documents? Certificates of good conduct do not exist by chance, but to protect third parties, to name just one example. Or how do you see it?

No, you lose it pretty quickly once you’re in business. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly either.

Monthly four-digit sales at low costs Approximately how many customers or sales do you have per month?

Four-digit turnover, I won’t say more 🙂 Okay, and what are your plans for the future? Or to put it another way: How long will be online?

I still have a lot planned for the future . Maybe there will be a “partner page” just from myself. Everything will be realized there exactly as I imagine it. Thank you very much for the interesting insights and the many replies!!

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