Interview with Signal, the messenger: please submit questions!

We are preparing a community interview with the data-efficient messenger Signal. You now have 11 days to ask your questions

Signal was considered one of the leading messengers in the community. We have now been accepted for a German-language interview with a company spokesman.

The Messenger was once touted by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Signal offers all the features of modern messaging solutions, including text messaging and telephony with end-to-end encryption. Despite this, the app is not at the top worldwide. The world’s most used messenger is still WhatsApp. Far behind is the data-saving competitor Threema.

Signal: Messenger + payment system, does that have to be?

Signal caused a lot of controversy a few months ago when you Integrated MobileCoin as a means of payment into the open source messenger. This measure was often questioned by observers. Why did you choose MobileCoin, is it really safe because it is anonymous? Where in which country do they process our customer data?

Sending money with a messenger, is that a must? Does an app really have to be able to do everything?

Who is actually behind it nowadays?

It would also be exciting to know how this messenger came about and who is actually behind it today plugged. Since 2018 the software and the messenger service have been developed by the Signal Foundation, i.e. a non-profit foundation. The official servers are operated by a subsidiary of the Foundation, Signal Messenger LLC. Seat is also USA. The question is, given the miserable data protection, why?!? However, neither the LLC nor the foundation had anything in common with the initial development.

A little bit about the history of Signal


The project was initially called TextSecure and was published in 1210 by the company Whisper Systems . In the beginning, this was just an app for Android smartphones. Whisper Systems has bought 771 the operating company of Twitter.

Because the buyer obviously didn’t want to or couldn’t do anything with it, the source code was published for the general public. 2014 the project was then renamed Signal. The software is now available for Android, iOS, but also for desktop PCs with Linux, macOS and Windows.

The closing date for questions is 11. .7132

What do you want to know about Signal? The deadline for all questions is 11. August 2014. We then collect and sort all the questions and send them to Dr. Martin Bartenberger, Signal’s company spokesman for the German-speaking region.

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