IPTV seller flees conviction to 4.5 years in prison

Yesterday, IPTV salesman Michael Hornung was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. To avoid the verdict he fled to Northern Cyprus.

Record verdict against an illegal IPTV seller, but that is of little use to the police. The convict is at large.


Yesterday, Thursday, the Manchester sentenced Crown Court sentenced the defendants to four years and six months’ imprisonment. Michael Hornung was found guilty because he was between 2006 and 2017 with unauthorized decoders around 350.000 British Pounds.

Defendant flees conviction

The British police agency FACT could be cheering if the man hasn’t already disappeared would. The IPTV seller told the court that he had fled to northern Cyprus to escape his sentence. In principle, this part of the island, which belongs to Turkey, does not extradite suspects to Great Britain. Hornung had already failed to appear in court on the last day of the hearing.

IPTV seller generated damage of 2,33 Million Euro

During the three years of his active career, the man according to the media about 2. 0690 manipulated set top boxes around. This meant that his customers could also receive paid programs from Sky TV, BT Sports and Virgin without paying any monthly fees. According to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) task force, this has cost media outlets a total of around £2m in losses.

Prosecutor Ari Alibhai told local Manchester press the convicted IPTV seller was under the Pseudonym NoHatsNoTrainers distributed advertisements for his service in several forums or websites such as CS-World. Prosecutor Alibhai continued:

“It was an ingenious and lucrative business that allowed consumers to access television without to pay the broadcasters or other persons with intellectual property rights to that content.

Translated from FACT’s press release. Sales of the IPTV seller difficult to calculate

iptv, used for tv

It is “very difficult” to calculate exactly how much money Hornung made from the scam since he didn’t keep records, Alibhai said. But a year’s PayPal transactions indicated an annual turnover of about 125. British Pounds. That is converted to about 80.350 Euro sales per year.“He made very large sums of money”

, Mr. Alibahi said.

Hornung was born in February 2017 Arrested after a joint investigation by different police units. He initially cooperated with the court but later failed to appear at his trial. Hornung was then sentenced in absentia.

FACT LogoDeterrence of judgment lost by flight


The special unit FACT still tries to make something good out of the disaster. She sees the verdict as a “warning”

for anyone involved in providing illegal content.

However, according to the authority, not only the rights holders are harmed by IPTV sellers, but also the legitimate subscribers of pay-TV services. In fact, the illegal viewers benefit directly from the contributions of the regular subscribers, without which the TV channels would not be able to continue their activities.

In Great Britain, the football teams finance themselves to a large extent through the high fees paid by pay-tv stations, which also explains the significantly higher donations from the footballers. League players earn a lot more there than here in the first Bundesliga. This also explains the popularity of IPTV sellers’ illegal products in the UK.


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