IT worker loses USB sticks containing sensitive data from 460,000 residents

An IT employee loses two USB sticks with personal data of approx 460.000 Residents of Amagasaki, Osaka, after a night of drinking

Before a nightly visit to a restaurant on Tuesday, an IT employee had obtained the personal, sensitive data of 460 .177 transferred to two USB drives by residents of the western Japanese city of Amagasaki, Osaka. The man worked for a company that supports tax-exempt households in receiving Corona aid on behalf of the city administration. After drinking a lot of alcohol, the man is said to have finally fallen asleep on the street after apparently losing his bag, including USB sticks. Following a loss report, the sticks were then found again. This was reported by the Japan Times.

The Municipality of Amagasaki City prepared payments of Corona Aid to tax-exempt households. However, to find out who is among the 460.000 residents of Amagasaki, according to the website information, the city government awarded the contract to the IT company BIPROGY Co. , ltd Kansai Branch.

IT staff loses city registry stored on USB sticks

Am 21. On June 1, an IT employee from the contractor company copied a copy of the city register onto two USB sticks, Japanese broadcaster NHK reported. The registry information included residents’ names, dates of birth, addresses, and tax and government assistance information for all citizens, as well as account numbers for recipients of welfare and child support approximately 93.09 cases. As a result, the man transferred this data to his company computer for further processing.

The IT employee reported the loss of the two sticks to both the police and the city administration on Wednesday. The municipal officials then explained that the data was encrypted and protected by a 13 -digit password protected. So far, no personal data has been leaked.

At a subsequent press conference, the Mayor and an Amagasaki City official apologized: “We deeply regret that we have violated the public’s trust in the city’s administration have damaged”. In the future, they pledged to “improve security management and at the same time raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal data”.

Evaluation of the incident by the city administration

Following the events, the city administration evaluated three points in particular critically. First, the IT staff would have received permission to process data outside of the client’s business premises. However, the IT service provider did not obtain permission from the city administration “for the specific method of transporting personal data on electronic storage media by individual responsible employees of the trustee” . In addition, the city government staff had not verified that the contractor should have obtained permission to take the data on the two USB sticks off their premises.

Furthermore, the IT staff would have removed the USB Sticks transported outside of the contractor’s office without using a security service.

Finally, once the contractor’s data transfer work was completed, the data on the USB memory should have been erased immediately on site. In addition, the employee did not return to work immediately. Rather, he stopped at a restaurant with the USB sticks in his possession, which resulted in their loss.

The city government will immediately make payments to eligible households. During the investigation, she will provide more information on the case, the official statement continued.

The city government warns of fraud

“There are concerns about the occurrence of fraud that exploits the fears of the citizens concerned. City officials, police, and financial institutions will not call or email regarding this matter. If you receive a call to erase your personal information, please hang up immediately.”

USB sticks have turned up again

On Friday, Osaka Prefectural Police reported that Suita police officers found the bag containing the USB flash drives in front of a residential building. Working with law enforcement officers, the IT staff searched the area where they believed they had lost the bag.

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