Javelin ATGM: Weapon Shipments Now Available on the Dark Web

Many Javelin weapon systems are supplied to Ukraine by the USA and other NATO countries. Now you can buy them cheaply on the dark web

The US and other NATO countries have supplied Ukraine with thousands of Javelin ATGM systems. Actually, this should enable Ukraine to withstand the Russian invasion.

However, many of these modern weapon systems do not end up on the front lines, where they are urgently needed, but are for sale as special offers on the dark web.

Weapons from European and American production increasingly available on the Darknet

Waffen im SonderangebotWaffen im Sonderangebot

Weapons on Sale

No matter if Javelin ATGM, Stinger MANPADS, Phoenix Ghost drones, or mines. Darknet vendors’ inventories seem to be more than full at the moment.

The US and other NATO countries have shipped thousands of such systems to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Many of these disappear without a trace instead of being used against Russian forces as planned.

THIEF-Market: US missile systems from 55. Dollars on sale

The FGM-148 Javelin is a man-portable anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) with an effective Range of up to 2.5 km. The US developed this weapon system to combat heavily armored vehicles such as main battle tanks and lighter military vehicles.

Waffen im Sonderangebot

FGM-148 Javelin

The weapon can also be used very effectively against other target types such as fortifications, bunkers and helicopters .

But the buyer is not only promised very low prices and quality. A worldwide delivery of the weapons is also offered. The ordered goods will then be shipped directly from the Ukraine.

The bloody business of war

When people say that there can only be losers in a war, that is only partly true. Because not only the armaments industry earns a fortune with its weapons in such a war.

War has become a lucrative business. Mercenaries who do dirty jobs for money are fighting in almost all theaters of war in the world.


The bloody Dealing in war and arms is a lucrative one. And not just since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Whether there are any mercenaries who offer their services to those who put the most money on the table. Or criminally stinky fish from all over the world who sense their chance for quick money. Only those who have to face the enemy on the front lines have lost.


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