Jim Cramer: Bitcoin continues to crash!

Jim Cramer believes Bitcoin would be around 12.000 USD settle. Others believe in an even bigger digital currency crash.

James J. Cramer, better known as Jim Cramer, believes that Bitcoin will be back where it once was. The author, journalist, entrepreneur and Mad Money host told CNBC that bitcoin will increase to 12. Dollar falling where it was before this whole “fiasco” started.

The predictions quoted in the media are now undercutting each other. The author Robert Kiyosaki estimates the future value of Bitcoin the lowest. This will supposedly have its lowest point at 9. 000 reach dollars. However, it is unclear what this speculation is based on.

Jim Cramer believes Bitcoin is returning to its old rate.

The former hedge fund manager and co-founder of the news finance portal TheStreet.com believes that the course is currently being adjusted. Crypto community members need to take a different view, he says. Further down than to 000.000 Jim Cramer predicts that Bitcoin will not fall in the US dollar. He also criticizes the software company Microstrategy, which almost 130.000 listed bitcoin on their balance sheet. Cramer suspects the company financed much of this facility through loans in April. If the bank were to raise rates, Cramer believes Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor would say goodbye to all cryptocurrencies in an instant.

Abmahnung Geld Dollar

Bitcoin: About 31% price loss in just one week!

Meanwhile, bitcoin more or less continues to fall in free fall. In the last seven days, the price has declined by 30,6% below. Yesterday the value fell below the psychologically important 20.000 USD stamp. Cramer heard from brokers who are said to have systematically telephoned their customers. They asked their interlocutors to add money for the bitcoin. Apparently they want investors to believe that the moment is right because the price will soon rise again. But who knows!??

Jim Cramer: Coins have no social value

By the way Jim Cramer agrees with Bill Gates that crypto assets are at 100% based on the greater fool theory. It states that the price of a financial product is determined solely by whether you can later find a fool who will take the product from you at an even higher price. Whoever ends up paying the higher price is the “bigger idiot”. But Gates believes anyway, the BTC has no social value.

Jim Cramer recently admitted to owning Ethereum himself. He would not completely advise against buying cryptocurrencies, he said in early June. Anyone who decides to do so should opt for the most important coins, Ethereum or Bitcoin, because they have the largest following.

When does the crypto winter end?

Anyway. One should probably wait a little longer to see whether the crypto winter will continue to freeze everything. Because actually no one is able to make serious forecasts. The truth is probably the biggest sucker who takes all the predictions that are tweeted out for nothing too seriously.

What do you think: will digital currencies keep crashing? And if so, up to what point?


Abmahnung Geld Dollar

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