Julian Assange: British Home Secretary approves extradition

Julian Assange is extradited. The British Home Secretary confirmed this. However, Wikileaks announced that it would appeal.

Priti Patel has signed the crucial extradition statement for Julian Assange. The interior minister had to sign the extradition request unless there were reasons against extradition. Today the Magistrates Court and the High Court ordered the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States.

However, Assange and his lawyers have the right to appeal. According to Wikileaks, this will be done.

Extradition of Julian Assange not repressive, unjust or abusive?

The verdict states:

“In this case, the UK courts have not found that extraditing Mr Assange would be repressive, unfair or an abuse of the process. Nor have they determined that extradition would be inconsistent with his human rights, including his right to a fair trial and freedom of expression, and that he is being treated fairly in the US, including with regard to his health.”

UK Government press release.

Appeal acts like a stay

Julian Assange will only be extradited to the requesting state after all legal remedies have been exhausted. As a result, regardless of the course of the appeal, the appeal is treated as a stay of extradition. According to a press release from the British government, the USA is “an important extradition partner”

. It is in their national interest to maintain a balanced and effective extradition relationship that prevents criminals from evading justice and the UK from becoming a haven for fugitives.

Criticism from many quarters

The verdict and the reaction of Secretary of the Interior Patel have already caused considerable criticism in the last few hours. The Pirate Party MEP and lawyer Dr. Patrick Breyer reacted in alarm:

“The British government’s confirmation of the extradition of Julian Assange to the USA is a heavy blow to freedom of the press. A fair trial awaits the Wikileaks founder there. The case of Assange also sets an extremely dangerous precedent for all whistleblowers, journalists and media figures. No journalist should be prosecuted for publishing ‘state secrets’ of public interest, that is his job.”

A similar statement was made by Amnesty International . Extradition would put Assange at great risk. In addition, this would “a chilling signal for journalists all over the world”. The parliamentary group The Left sees the actions of Great Britain as a “general attack on the freedom of the press”

. The federal government must now speak out loud and clear against it, said left spokeswoman Sevim Dagdelen to ZDF.


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