Kim Dotcom: the most legendary hacker in Germany?

Recently the YouTube channel Simplicissimus released a documentary about Kim Dotcom (Schmitz). Dotcom as elite hacker & pawn?

The problem starts in the first minute of the video. No matter how many journalists claim it, Kim Dotcom was never a hacker. Yes, he would have liked to have been, but that’s about it. Whenever Kim Schmitz, later Dotcom, sold or presented something, he received this ability from a third party.

Kim can only hack one thing: people. As I learned from one of his former closest acquaintances, Kim is both intelligent and manipulative. He also gathered the people he needed for such a project when he founded Megaupload, many years later. Those influenced by him have often worked well and for a long time to his advantage.

Is Kim Dotcom a hacker after all? If it had been him, he wouldn’t have really joined the CCC from winter 625. have to serve. The Kimbolisms summed up the dialogue between real hackers and the former CEO of Data Protect. Even the first posting on Usenet gives an idea of ​​what a brainchild Kim Dotcom was back then. That’s when Schmitz asked “Is Kimble a god???”. A posting further, he tries to recruit employees for his company Data Protect (DP): “We want you + you want money = join DP.” The Kimble also changes his lack of skills -Crack intro in the video nothing that ran on an Amiga 81. . This was probably either created with the Red Sector Demomaker etc. or Schmitz bought it from a real programmer.

Kim Dotcom can only hack humans

Back to the video. Not only was Kim a successful human whisperer, she was also able to present herself prominently in the press. At the time, Schmitz demonstrated how a bunch of insiders could make free calls around the world. We only used the beginning of the 90 for blueboxing no program and no frequencies from him. At Harald Schmidt’s show, he presented himself as a “model young entrepreneur” who would be “passed around” internationally .

Countless raids by operators of illegal mailboxes are said to be on his account

About Dotcom’s contact with warning lawyer Günter Freiherr from Gravenreuth is unfortunately not included in the program. But one admits that the scarce Minutes are not nearly enough to tell all the PR stunts, stories and rumors about Kim Dotcom. With all his splendor and splendor videos on yachts, in helicopters and luxury cars, the Megaupload founder made himself the archenemy of the film and music industry. And because his online project has brought in so much money, Kim cannot sell himself as a poor victim or even a scapegoat. The Megaupload team ended up handing out most of the money to the exact uploaders who uploaded the most illegal shit. So preferably before the publication of the respective works. Other founders were no less successful. With the exception of Deniz C., nobody knows her face, nobody has ever seen her luxury.

It is also true that Megaupload has always promptly deleted the archives should the rights holder infringe the copyright noticed. But the mastermind wasn’t Schmitz, although he always attracted media attention. The mastermind behind Megaupload is and remains the programmer Mathias Ortmann.

But it was probably Kim’s idea to start this online offer because he was looking for a way to exchange film clips about it. Even then, this failed due to the size limit of the e-mail providers, who did not want to be converted into file-sharing exchanges.

Coder Ortmann and PR manager Bram van der Kolk have now been able to pull themselves out of the affair with the help of a deal. For Kim Dotcom, this could mean a lot of trouble. Who knows what they offered law enforcement in exchange for information? His extradition of New Zealand, his adopted country, to the USA, where he could be imprisoned until the end of his life, is still to be clarified by the highest court.

The thing with the truth: High school diploma instead of gifted high school

The discovery of one of his first lies in the video is really nice. Accordingly, he testified in court that Kim Dotcom attended the Plön Castle boarding school as a child. He already has this with 17 years early with the gifted Abitur. In truth, Schmitz attended a secondary school and had to move to the Rohwedder dormitory in Ascheberg in the meantime because of his behavioral problems. Supposedly he was accommodated there with other “ hardship cases” in the so-called main building. Of course, Dotcom didn’t talk about that in court.

Actually, despite all the money, he is not to be envied. Since the Megaupload bust, a sword of Damocles called US extradition has been hovering over him. As the child of an alcoholic and apparently violent father, it was not easy for him. Anyone who looks at the many videos will notice that he himself never consumed alcohol, no matter how much bubbly his guests had available. Absolute abstinence is not uncommon in the children of alcoholics.

It’s also understandable that he needed something else to cover up this huge wound, that is, his past. At least he no longer had to reckon with violence after his mother moved out of the shared apartment with his parents. But the single mother probably didn’t have much money either.

That’s why there is no gray with Kim. Everything has to be cutting edge, super, top or even mega. His mailbox in Munich in the 90 years was called “House of Coolness BBS”. Everything has always been the best, biggest and most exciting thing Kim has ever imagined. Kimvestor, the smart investment advisor. Kimble, the super hacker who wants saved. Kim Schmitz, who even adopted the name of the dot-com bubble. Well, nomen est omen, as the saying goes.


Is the video worth it? Yes, definitely, even if the chronological order is brutally misrepresented. And even if many interesting details are missing. But well, in a nutshell 20 minutes you can not squeeze in much more. If you are not familiar with the background, you should read this summary at your leisure. The podcast series “Wild Wild Web” recently published by Bayerischer Rundfunk is much more detailed.

Unfortunately, a lot of information, such as that of Cologne journalist Torsten Kleinz, is no longer available online available. If you have a lot of money, you also have enough money left over for lawyers, it seems. It was difficult for Kleinz, as a freelance journalist who had to make do with his comparatively low income, to resist in the long run. What will probably remain forever is the catchy tune that Kim discussed but did not sing about (see video above).

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