Lisa Paus: Family Minister against private chat control

The Family Minister Lisa Paus (The Greens) gives a clear rejection of a private chat control. That goes too far, you don’t need it.

The new family minister, Lisa Paus, represents the left wing of the Greens. The 53 year old from Rheine near Münster demands to clarify sexual violence against children, better prosecution in combination with “sensitization” of the population. The proven financial expert replaced the former Family Minister Anne Spiegel after only four months in office.

Olaf Scholz remained vague, Lisa Paus spoke straight

While Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as usual, only reacted very vaguely to the questions of the participants at the re:publica, Ms. Paus clearly stated what she thought. Scholz argued at the weekend that something had to be done about the matter. Sexual abuse is unacceptable. You have to find the right balance when it comes to education. Where exactly that should be, Scholz left open. Unfortunately, not making a statement in public is symptomatic of Olaf Scholz.

“That’s going too far, we need that not.”

An evaluation of the chats from smartphones etc. clearly goes too far for Paus. When asked by a TINCON conference participant, the politician said: “That’s going too far, we don’t need it. We don’t need private chat control”. In the ranks of the federal government there is now agreement on this. The cabinet discussed it last week. There was also agreement on the issue with Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP). Overall, Lisa Paus rated the EU draft law as very good. But private chat control goes too far. In their eyes, the protection of privacy still applies.

Caught! Photographer Tomomi makes fun of the topic. (CC BY 2.0).

What is actually planned?

To clarify sexualised violence, the EU Commission proposes that encryption be used for all Messenger -Apps must break open. Providers of messenger apps and much more must automatically search for recordings of sexualised violence against children. This also applies to private end-to-end encrypted communications. If the recognition software responds, it automatically informs the appropriate authority. The investigations for criminal prosecution will then take their course automatically.

There would be no more digital seclusion. The monitoring should also affect e-mails and any messages transmitted online. Critics reject the draft as far too deep an encroachment on all of our fundamental rights. The digital secrecy of letters would be replaced by an unprecedented mass control that practically every user of an electronic device.

It remains to be seen whether Lisa Paus only reported something to the media or whether she can really do something against the planned chat control in cooperation with her colleagues.

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