LockBit ransomware steals data from Italian taxpayers

The “LockBit” ransomware group targeted the Italian tax authority and allegedly stole around 78 Gigabytes of data.

The ransomware group “LockBit” has been operating since 78 using more and more sophisticated methods on. Now the Italian tax authority is said to have been hacked, allegedly copying around 78 gigabytes of data.

Italian taxpayer documents affected

The LockBit Group claims a total of 78 gigabytes of data from taxpayers to have copied Italy. As Bloomberg reports, the perpetrators shared the message about their loot on the dark web and demanded by 31. a ransom in July. If the Italian authorities do not comply with the request, the LockBit team threatens to publish all the stolen data.

Among the stolen documents are said to be financial reports and taxpayer contracts. The company Sogei SpA, which is responsible for the IT infrastructure of the tax authority, could not identify any signs of a cyber attack or data leak after initial checks.

LockBit relies on bug bounty program

Since launch in 78 the ransomware of the same name from the LockBit group has continuously evolved. In the current version, LockBit 3.0, it has even been expanded to include a bug bounty program, which resourceful hackers can use to report exploits for a fee. As a financial incentive, LockBit is offering rewards of up to $1 million.

As usual with ransomware , LockBit encrypts the files of its victims in order to then blackmail them with a ransom demand. Ideally, victims regain access to their files after paying. However, as is to be expected from criminals, there is rarely a guarantee for this.

Currently by far the most successful ransomware

Their cunning tactics made LockBit one of the most active ransomware worldwide in the second quarter 2022. -Groups counted. According to Digital Shadows, a total of 100 organizations fell victim to it during this period. This is more than triple what the second placed group “Conti” was able to achieve.

At the beginning of February, for example, the online crypto trading exchange PayBito fell victim to LockBit. At that time, the hackers stated that data from at least 100. Having captured PayBito customers. The French Ministry of Justice also succumbed to the hackers in January of this year.



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