Marvel's Spider-Man cracked on release day

Fairlight illegally circulated the action-packed Marvel’s Spider-Man on the day of its release. The game was insufficiently protected.

PC users had to wait four years for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. Yesterday one of the best PlayStation exclusives hit the Windows market. Despite previous prophecies of doom, the publisher has not integrated the Denuvo protection system into the game. The only protection was Steam’s standard DRM, which isn’t really an obstacle for any release group. As a result, Fairlight released the 55 GB sized game on the same day.

Marvel’s Spider-Man with a four-year wait

ElAmigos and Riddick also released smaller repacks of the game yesterday, Friday. Manufacturers Insomniac Games and Nixxes Software have included improved graphics, unlimited frame rates, ultrawide monitor support, and FSR 2.0 and DLSS technologies in the PC version. In contrast to the console versions, of course, the controls had to be completely adapted to the operation via keyboard and mouse.

The tests of the gaming portals of Marvel’s Spider-Man are all quite positive out. The friendly spider next door has made many enemies in her hometown by fighting crime. But the missions also revolve around Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May, both of whom you have to protect.

The action cracker not only works on the PS4

With its spider web, the ability to cling to walls and multiple jumps make it a lot of fun to move around in Marvel’s Spider-Man in New York. The fights often take place in the air. If you already know the game from your Playstation, you can save yourself the purchase. Not many new things have been implemented in the PC version.


So far it is unclear why the publisher PlayStation PC LLC has decided not to integrate Denuvo. Perhaps Marvel’s Spider-Man simply wanted to forego the high fees. On Steam, a user has written a highly ironic post about it in the in-house forum. He writes that if you release the game without Denuvo DRM, you shouldn’t buy it. In this case, the developers would get nothing anyway, because then nobody would spend more money on it.

At least he was right about the game being cracked as soon as it was released. Fairlight must have been very happy about the insufficient protection of this Triple A game.


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