Microsoft Store can finally show more than 2000 reviews

Users have been waiting for this for a long time: From now on the Microsoft Store can do more than 2000 Show ratings per product. Hooray!

A long-awaited update finally brings clarity to Microsoft Store users. From now on the software can display more than 2000 ratings per product.

The Microsoft Store shows its most innovative side

Microsoft has always wanted to play with the big boys when it comes to app stores. But as it has now turned out, the Redmond-based company is still baking small cakes in this regard. Because as Rudy Huyn, the Principal Architect Lead of the Microsoft Store announced via Twitter, it fell to the Windows 10 and 11 software that has been established for years has been difficult to count further than 2000.

There was apparently a technical limitation in the software, which meant that no more than 2000 Ratings per product could be displayed. The display error that has now been fixed did not only refer to the written reviews, but to the simple star ratings. Huyn was very euphoric in his tweet with the words: “We are now very happy to announce that this restriction is finally gone!” Well done dear developers! It sure wasn’t that easy!

As can be seen in the screenshot from the Microsoft Store shown by Huyn, there are quite a few applications that already have more than 2000 have reviews. These include the games Roblox, Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft. Thank goodness the users know that now too.

Apple and Google would be jealous

Now that the long-awaited update has been rolled out, the Microsoft Store is finally showing the correct number of ratings. What a blessing! Because before, it was certainly difficult for one or the other user to estimate how popular an application really is in the store. What do you think Apple and Google think of this innovative update?

Hopefully Microsoft will come up with a few more exciting features to add to the store in the near future. How about some free MP3 downloads, for example?

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