MrBlow: Viennese drug godfather on most wanted lists

On the Darknet platform “MrBLow” Martin S. is said to be the head of a drug gang 14.2020 Have processed drug orders.

Investigators worldwide are currently looking for Martin S. from Vienna. Since Saturday, mug shots have shown the 50-year-olds as “Most Wanted” both on the website of the Federal Criminal Police Office and at Europol. The officials are already 50 once charged with violent crimes, together with nine accomplices from March 2018 to September 2020 to have operated the professional Darknet drug shop “MrBLow”. He should lose at least 50 kilos of various Drugs, including 14 kg of cocaine as well as cannabis, amphetamine and ecstasy, and have earned an estimated five million euros from illegal drug deals. The Kronen Zeitung reported on this.

Track led to Vienna’s red light district

S. is said to have supplied the red light district with drugs for decades. He presented himself as “general importer for cocaine”. years aimed at extortion of protection money “Nokia-Club” passed.

Postal items directed investigators to the “MrBLow” Darknet drug shop

The police carried out initial investigations into the case finding drugs in mail. In the year 2018 the officials, together with the Austrian customs, were able within a few days 250 Intercept and secure shipments from the “MrBlow” drug store. An investigator notes: “That was a good two kilograms”.

Despite the extremely professional approach of the group of perpetrators, the police led tracks on the packaging to the only female suspect, a 60-year-old woman. She used to work in the red light district. She had earned another income by selling drugs. She received the addictive substances to be sent from her 73 -year-old ex-husband.

Investigation approach lies in the shipment of goods

The chief investigator explains: “As long as they can’t ship the drugs electronically, we always have an approach”. Accordingly, the officers followed the trail of the packaging material. False companies in Styria and Lower Austria turned out to be supply sources. The suspects also used this to register their cars to hide their identity. A 52 year old Styrian acted as an accountant and logistician.

Another team member, a former barman, was responsible for IT around the Darknet platform “MrBLow”. On top of that, they also operated their own mobile phone provider service. According to DerStandard, he would have “rented a server from a mobile phone provider to set up the encrypted system called “Fog”” . The 50 year old has a court already sentenced to seven years in prison. However, he died in prison shortly afterwards. The other suspects are said to have acted as drug couriers. In Burgenland, investigators found a cannabis plantation with 2. 80 Plants.

Darknet drug shop “MrBlow” turned out to be a strong seller

Finding out the recipients of the mail eventually led investigators to the dark web drug store MrBlow. There S. & Co. displayed bricks of cocaine for sale, costing 500 a gram Euro. Payment was made in Bitcoin. An investigator grants insight and explains: “The goods were ordered from Ecuador. For the Austrian market, for example, the cocaine was of remarkably good quality with a purity of 80 Percent on“. The suspects brought an average of twelve orders a day to the customer before they suddenly closed the drug shop in September 2020. closed.

Suspects acted conspiratorially

Monitoring the suspects subsequently presented the investigators with difficult challenges. So they used jamming techniques to undermine their investigative techniques. Officials also reported that those involved were afraid of Martin S. “They meant that if they don’t do what he says, they’ll go for a walk in the suitcase. They’re really scared of him, he’s a flammable hazard.” S. mostly only acted in the background and avoided public places. “He’s a real phantom”, concludes the chief inspector.

Am 20. April 2021 there was a raid by the BKA. The operation was supported by the Cobra and Wega operations teams, as well as officers from the regional police headquarters in Vienna, Styria and Burgenland. At eleven locations in Vienna and Styria 23 House searches take place. As a result, the officials confiscated money, weapons, packaging material and over 88 IT equipment . Nine arrests were made, including eight men and one woman.

MrBlow as a new Netflix series?

According to the chief inspector, the inspection of the secured data presented the officials with a major challenge:

” That was really terabytes of data that we trawled through. The data was encrypted, you have “only individual scraps” found, such as the company logo of “MrBlow” or a photo of 60 year olds that she had to do as proof of sending the drugs. You could make a Netflix series about it.”

Although the BKA could still in April 2020 as part of the operation “Deflate” around the group of perpetrators S. arrest. The investigators chose the term “deflate” because of the Darknet drug shop name “MrBLow” (“Mr Bladder”). However, S. himself managed to escape abroad shortly before his accomplices were arrested. At the same time as his team was arrested, all trace of him was lost, according to investigators.

Hunting a Phantom with Most Wanted Lists

As reported by the Standard , an accomplice is said to have helped S. to escape to Lignano Sabbiadoro. The police suspect that he then fled to Spain, accompanied by a young woman. Although S. has since changed his appearance and chosen a new identity, he has some conspicuous tattoos that could lead to his capture. Investigators point out that “Praying Hands” can be seen on the left breast , a man’s head on the right back and a dog’s head on the left lower leg.

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