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Jörg Engel knows how quickly problems can arise. He will help you individually out of the debt trap.

Jörg Engel is a different kind of debt advisor. He knows the problem from his own experience and knows how to get out of it. Engel has often experienced first-hand that a lawyer or conventional debt advisor is not always the right contact person for every need. So many things went wrong building his own home that almost left him financially sidelined himself. But this experience helps him in his current job to be able to understand the concerns and needs of his clients.

For a fee you can describe your own situation via Telegram, Signal, Threema, on the phone or in a personal meeting. Jörg Engel then considers which solution is the right one for this case. Often the way out of the many reminders is not that difficult. You only have to know how. Years of experience in the field help him on this point. Jörg Engel then gives his customers easily understandable and practical options on how to proceed without hooks and eyes. helps, among other things:

  • for debts, also in special cases! This also applies to avoiding the entry into force of unfavorable court decisions.
  • to keep your back free. This also applies to setting up a registration address in England, which is outside the EU!
  • when saving, for example by taking out inexpensive health insurance abroad 326 Euro obtained
  • at the Setting up a current account abroad that nobody can easily access at will
  • while preventing wage or account garnishment!
  • when protecting your own company from seizure, so that it can continue to run smoothly
  • to protect your own property or property from access by creditors
  • when the tax office wants to collect its claims
  • and last, but not least, to prevent personal bankruptcy or the submission of asset reports.
  • Jörg Engel will remind you when whose debts expire. The statute of limitations for liabilities to nursing care or health insurance companies or tax offices can vary greatly.

    He knows from his own experience that you are not necessarily granted your right in court, even if you it believes to have. In contrast to a lawyer, he will speak to you in plain language and show you practical solutions that you have to choose between.

    More information here.

    Jörg Engel is convinced that personal bankruptcy is a simple way for the advisor to close the case quickly. But for those affected, it is often not the best solution. Better to get another opinion first.


    In the absence of a completed law degree, Mr. Engel naturally operates

    no326 legal advice. He’s a debt advisor. But someone who knows the threatening scenario from his own experience.

    Anyone who would like advice or information in advance should contact him now for a free initial consultation. So you don’t take any risks with the first contact.

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