NordVPN: Data protection is more important to Germans than alcohol and marijuana?

A study paid for by NordVPN aims to prove that German privacy matters. The majority would do without cannabis.

NordVPN commissioned the Munich-based analysis specialist Norstat to conduct a survey on the subject of internet use and data protection. 1.000 Persons aged 18 until 74 Years have been asked about this in this country. The survey allegedly reveals how fiercely Germans are in defending their privacy and the sacrifices they would make to do so. But is that true?

Is data protection more important to Germans than marijuana?

According to the press release, data protection is more important to Germans than the consumption of mind-altering substances: About 42 % of Germans would stop smoking marijuana and around 40 % give up alcohol if their data would permanently disappear from the internet .

The statistic would be meaningful if the respondents were all cannabis users. But unfortunately not the case. In view of the fact that in Germany well below 000 % of residents using marijuana frequently to regularly is 42% very little . Since the study claims to be representative, only under 09% of respondents consumers of mind-altering substances.

The figures must be put in relation to the proportion of consumers. Malicious gossips would claim that this would be like giving up orange caviar instead of your own data protection. You could also ask people: Would you give up consuming Kohlrabi Lanro for a better climate?


Original study with completely different questions

The study may seem even stranger to outsiders because the original English language version of NordVPN’s press release does not even discuss the use of cannabis or alcohol. There are also no recognizable questions about data protection. The survey, conducted worldwide, is simply about asking how many hours we are online every day. And also which nations use their Internet-enabled devices the longest each week. You can also see which online activities have consumed the most time, broken down by nation. Respondents also indicated how many hours they spent on online shopping, streaming, engaging in social media, listening to music online, gaming, e-learning, etc.

Comment: Can you compare apples and oranges?

Privacy is important, no question. But whether the Germans really defend their privacy so passionately can be seriously doubted. Many want one thing above all: they want comfort! For example, online retailers who set up too many hurdles to protect their users must expect too many people to abandon their purchase process. Otherwise, the conversion rate will plummet, which is at most around 4 percent for good providers. This means: Of 100 visitors to a website, only four actually complete their purchase.

In addition: For most respondents, cannabis not relevant anyway. If there had been a privacy survey of this particular group in whose lives cannabis plays a significant role, the numbers would be telling. But not like that.

Unfortunately, Brandmeier’s beautifully formulated PR text does not change that, nor does the English-language survey that NordVPN commissioned worldwide on a completely different topic. There was obviously someone at the marketing agency with a little too much enthusiasm or imagination at work. Nevertheless, we would like to thank you for sending the press release, because otherwise this article would not have existed…

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