NSA reveals how to protect smartphones from malware

The NSA has published advice on how to protect against malware on smartphones. Some tips are very useful, others seem rather profane.

The NSA, the largest foreign intelligence service in the USA, recommends a simple trick for your own security. The two-page PDF document advises users to turn off the device completely at least once a week in order to restart it. This can protect users quite well against zero-click attacks.

This malware does not require any erroneous user behavior. The software nests itself on their device without any action on the part of the victims. This is what makes zero-click or no-click malware so dangerous.

NSA recommends rebooting the device once a week

The mobile operating systems Android and iOS are now quite well protected against unwanted programs being stored somewhere. However, according to the NSA, there is hope because many attacks only take place in the smartphone’s main memory. And this is exactly what you delete by completely rebooting the hardware. You can find more information about zero-click attacks here, for example.

The fewer apps running, the better!

But the NSA still has more tips in store. So you should restrict the use of Bluetooth, only use original additional devices and not dial into unprotected WLAN networks. In addition, you should only allow the transmission of your own location if you absolutely need it. Interestingly enough, there is no mention at all of the mobile use of VPN services.

The tips on always covering the cameras of the devices are fascinating. You should also prevent the microphone from accidentally transmitting recordings to third parties. It is also helpful to install as few apps as possible. Each additional app poses a potential security risk. Firmware updates should be imported promptly and no jailbreak should be carried out.

It was certainly not meant that way: The iPhone6 ​​as a device monitored by the NSA.

Photo Jay F Kay, thx! (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

NSA not a fan of jailbreaks

The NSA is not entirely wrong about that. Because jailbreaks, if used incorrectly, can very quickly lead to a lot of spyware or other malware being installed with new apps. If you leave Apple’s golden cage with the help of a jailbreak, you also leave Apple’s protected area.

If you want to look at the original instructions, you are welcome to do so. The NSA’s “Mobile Devices Best Practices” brochure can be downloaded or viewed here as a PDF document.


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