Online banking fraud: Victims each debited around 100,000 euros

The police station in Halle recorded several cases of online banking fraud. Alleged bank employees capture up to 99.999 €

The police in the Saale district are currently investigating cybercrime. In just a short time, there were more and more cases in which supposed bank employees called online banking users. For example, the fraudsters used their scam to pretend that an update regarding online banking was urgently needed. For this purpose they asked for several TANs by telephone. With this, the gangsters repeatedly stole very large sums.

Online banking fraud in the Saalekreis on the rise

Specifically informed the Halle Police Inspectorate about five cases that had occurred frequently, with four victims suffering high financial losses. In the first case, a woman from Kabelsketal wanted to access her online banking last Friday around 21. log in. However, she did not realize that she had landed on a fake site. They were asked to update it. However, the woman broke it off. A little later she received a call from what she assumed to be a bank employee. Since she listed a number of the woman’s personal details, the call suggested credibility. When the injured party noticed that scammers were stealing more than 48 from her account.000 Euros, she informed the police.

Another injured party wanted Saturday against 12 to perform a transaction from their online account. The woman was informed when she opened the page that she needed a new push TAN. For this reason they would be contacted. As the police explained,

“immediately called an alleged employee of the bank. He informed her that there had been unauthorized access to her account and that the transaction could only be prevented with a new TAN. After transmission of the TAN, she noted the lack of over 99.000 € from your account”.

Also in the next case, Saturday around 21 o’clock, a woman in Halle (Saale) pretended to update their online banking access. In two subsequent calls, the people on the phone pretended to be bank employees. They asked the victim for several TANs. In the further course, the injured party lost 45.000 Euros that fraudsters debited from your account.

In other similar cases have cyber gangsters from Friday to Saturday with a woman in the Saale district 133.999 euros debited. With another woman, they tried three large sums of up to 99.999 to release euros. The latter recognized the fraud. She declined and ended the call.

The police warns of the scam

A police spokesman said , “the money was transferred within a few minutes and could not be retrieved will”.

“This scam is very common at the moment! Please never give TAN numbers or other personal data to third parties. A bank employee will not ask you about it! There is a reasonable probability that the PCs of those affected are infected with malware (so-called Trojans). Use anti-virus software and pay attention to the https encryption and the correct spelling on websites!”

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