“Operation Mindfuck” – Yael Ronen's play about troll factories

“Operation Mindfuck” – Yael Ronen’s play about troll factories

Released on 29..

  • The actors Taner Sahintürk (l ) and Orit Nahmias at a photo rehearsal of the play “Operation Mindfuck”. Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa
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    Fake news and conspiracy theories – that’s what the play “Operation Mindfuck” is about. Premiere was on Saturday in Berlin.


    Is Prince Charles actually a vampire? Or Greta Thunberg a time traveller? And what about the assassination of John F. Kennedy again? With the new piece “Operation Mindfuck”, the Berlin Maxim Gorki Theater dives into the world of conspiracy stories in an ironic way.

    Director Yael Ronen and her co-author Dimitrij Schaad invent one for it Troll factory, which is supposed to show how the fake news business works.

    The play premiered on Saturday evening and doesn’t just deal with various conspiracy stories. It also takes a look at the digitized world and politics.

    From advertising face to Federal Chancellor

    At some point society should not only be influenced by false reports, but a new top politician should be found. A man with a Saxon accent – said to have been the advertising face of a chocolate brand as a child – is to be made Chancellor. With his wig he reminds a little of the former US President Donald Trump.

    Director Ronen was just invited to the Theatertreffen with her musical “Slippery Slope”. Now she’s putting on an entertaining evening with “Operation Mindfuck”. In an hour and a half, a lot is touched on – even if only briefly. “You hacked my cell phone?” an employee of the fake news unit asked her boss at one point. Her boss reacted with amusement: “Hacked… what are we, in the nineties? I don’t hack phones. I hack people.” (dpa)

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