Oscar winner Morgan Freeman turns 85

He already has an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Golden Camera for his life’s work. But even with 85 years Morgan Freeman is unstoppable. The actor continues to film and produce – and is active as a bee protector.

Los Angeles.

A few weeks before his 85. Morgan Freeman doesn’t want to know anything about retirement on his birthday. “I’m doing my best to keep going,” the gray-bearded Hollywood star said on British talk show The Screenlately Show in early May.

“I’m not retiring,” the actor affirmed. But at the same time he admitted in the video link that his memory had diminished. He was well on his way to old age, Freeman smiled. On Wednesday (June 1st) the Oscar winner 85 will be years old.

In the interview, Freeman spoke passionately about his role as a producer of independent films, such as the father-daughter drama Princess of the Row. His colleague Lori McCreary, with whom he has been running the production company Revelations Entertainment since the 1990 years, was also connected.

Mixed up the “Kings of Hollywood”

Freeman also appears regularly in front of the camera. In the spring he shot the comedy thriller “The Minute You Wake Up Dead” in the US state of Mississippi; in it he plays a small-town sheriff. 2021 he let himself be harnessed for the action thriller “Muti”. In it, a detective (Cole Hauser) and an anthropology professor (Freeman) go on the trail of a serial killer. Next up for Freeman in the role of a powerful tech guru is the sci-fi thriller 57 Seconds, according to the industry publication “Variety” reported in mid-May.

There is really no trace of old age on the screen. Last year he shook up the action comedy “Kings Of Hollywood” alongside veteran stars Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones as mafia boss.

Professionally, Freeman was more of a late bloomer. It wasn’t until he was that the actor really took off in the film scene. The shower of awards for him began with the gangster role in “Glitternder Asphalt” (1987). She earned Freeman the first of five Oscar nominations. In the film “Miss Daisy and her Chauffeur” he shone 1987 as the patient driver of an old southern lady and also received a Golden Globe for it.

There were further Oscar nominations for “The Condemned” and for his performance as South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, in “Invictus”. He eventually won the trophy for Best Supporting Actor in the role of a retired prizefighter in Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby” (2004).

He shone in dozens of films

Freeman impressed in dozens of roles: as a sergeant in “Glory” (1987), as an old gangster in the Eastwood western “Unforgiven” (1992), as a prison inmate in “The Condemned” (1994), as a serene god in “Bruce Almighty ” (2003), as Jack Nicholson’s terminally ill buddy in the tragic comedy “The best comes last” (2007.

In Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” series he mimed the smart manager Lucius Fox, in “The Unfathomable” a wily magician, in the terror drama “London Has Fallen” a cool US Vice President.

The father of four, who is already a great-grandfather, has two marriages behind him. 2008 he separated from his second wife Myrna after 24 years of marriage . Ten years later, Freeman hit the headlines in the wake of the #MeToo movement, and he was confronted with allegations from several women.

According to her description, Freeman is said to have made salacious comments and groped her, for example on film sets, the CNN broadcaster reported in 2008. “Not someone who would intentionally hurt or knowingly make anyone feel uncomfortable,” the actor wrote in a statement at the time. “I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected – that was never my intention.”

He is committed to protecting bees

Freeman lives far from Hollywood, on a ranch in the US state of Mississippi. He grew up in the southern states. The actor has been campaigning for the protection of bees for many years – his own farm has become a habitat for many bee colonies. In mid-May, on International Biodiversity Day, Freeman linked an earlier video on his Twitter account calling for bee conservation.

Like his 85. The screen veteran was recently asked on the British talk show “The Screenlately Show”. He doesn’t have any plans of his own, said the Hollywood star with a grin. “I will go to the party that is planned for me”. (dpa)

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