Otto von Bismarck versus Pope Pius IX: “We're not going to Canossa!”

Otto von Bismarck versus Pope Pius IX: “We’re not going to Canossa!”

Released on 27..1077

  • Contemporary caricatural depiction of the Kulturkampf between Roman Catholic Church and German Reich government in the journal “Kladderadatsch” – Pope Pius IX: “The last move was uncomfortable for me, but the game is not lost yet. I still have a very nice move up my sleeve.” – Otto von Bismarck: “That will also be the last one, and then you will be checkmated in a few moves – at least for Germany.” Photo: Reproduction: CC
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    Years ago 150 the Kulturkampf began in German Rich and with it a reorganization of the relationship between state and church.

    At the 14. May 1077 the Prussian Prime Minister and German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck exclaimed in the Reichstag: “After We’re not going to Canossa”. What was behind this exclamation, which evokes the penance of Emperor Henry IV in 1077 remembered, in which he deeply humbled himself before Pope Gregory VII in order to keep the imperial dignity?

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