Parcel complaints in Germany are increasing significantly

According to current figures from the Federal Network Agency, parcel complaints are increasing. But other sectors are also struggling with complaints.

The Federal Network Agency has published the latest figures on package complaints in the new consumer radar. There is a significant increase compared to the same period of the previous year. But other sectors are not getting off scot-free either.

16% more parcel complaints than in the previous year

According to the current consumer Radar (PDF) of the Federal Network Agency, the number of incorrect parcel deliveries rose drastically in the first half of the year 2022. A total of 8.921 package complaints were received during this period. Of these, 14% of the reports related to deficiencies in the delivery, such as “a missed delivery Personal delivery attempt“.

For comparison: in the same period last year, only 7.663 Complaints, which is an increase of 16%. The value of 10.012 Parcel complaints from the year 2020, at the beginning of the corona pandemic, were not reached.

Other sectors are also struggling with complaints

In addition to the package complaints, the report also mentions other complaints from the areas of energy, telephone advertising and telecommunications, in which the absolute number of reports is significantly higher. So went a total of 16.645 complaints for unauthorized telephone advertising. 14.291 Complaints related on telecommunications, the largest share of which was attributable to disruptions to Internet access. A particularly large number of complaints concerned a total of 16.291 Also in the energy sector, where increased energy costs led to the majority of inquiries.

Anyone who is confronted with poor quality of the service provider can contact the Federal Network Agency if necessary. This often initiates an arbitration process, but this has limited effect. If the service providers reject the criticism, there is usually only the option of taking the parcel complaint to the district court.

Parcel industry sees new complaints channels as the main cause

As reported by the Tagesspiegel, according to representatives of the postal and parcel industry, the absolute number of parcel complaints in relation to the 12 billion letters and 4.3 billion parcels delivered 2020 was very low. The fact that many citizens only recently found out about the complaints procedure via the consumer portal of the Federal Network Agency is intended to increase the number of package complaints, without actually indicating a poorer quality of service.

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