Pirate Party: Police action temporarily paralyzes services

A police action, which was actually supposed to be a confiscation, temporarily paralyzed the services of the Pirate Party.

The police action, initiated by the Munich public prosecutor on Wednesday, led to the temporary shutdown of several servers. The trigger was several police documents classified as confidential, which dealt with the security concept of the G7 operation 2015. The so-called G7 leaks could be found on the Indymedia platform. The whistleblowers also used the Pirate Party’s CryptPad instance to publish material related to the G7 leaks. CryptPad allows people to share documents publicly and free of charge.

Due to the confiscation, which included a second server in addition to the CryptPad instance mentioned, another unaffected web server was also part of the pirate party as well as the CryptPad cannot be reached for several hours. The Pirate Party operates the second largest CryptPad instance directly after CryptPad itself. So that the servers did not have to be physically confiscated, the national board of the Pirate Party decided to issue a 1:1 copy.

Herpertz: “The harshness of the procedure is incomprehensible to us”

For Anne Herpertz, Chairwoman of the Pirate Party in Germany, the procedure of the police is too hard. She comments:

We cannot understand the severity of this procedure. Instead of approaching us, the police put a “gun on our chest”: The servers had to be taken off the network and all data had to be released without restriction – or the servers would have been taken away.

It is incomprehensible at all why the public prosecutor’s office arranged for the data to be removed from the unaffected web tap servers. Among other things, sensitive member data is stored there. For us, the unprovoked collection of data by law enforcement agencies is devastating!

Anne Herpertz, Chairwoman of the German Pirate Party

The Pirate Party is currently considering taking legal action and, in cooperation with the data protection officer, is informing those affected about the police confiscation. The police will probably not be able to do much with the data:

By encrypting the individual CryptPads, the Police actually do nothing with the secured data. CryptPad is a zero-knowledge project developed with EU funding. Basically, it is designed in such a way that information regarding user data and content cannot be determined from the administrative side either. The police could have found out in a few minutes if asked.

Stephan Erdmann, Secretary General of the Pirate Party

Confiscation from the Pirate Party fits into the picture of “generally deep restrictions on fundamental rights “

The Pirate Party MEP, Dr. Patrick Breyer sees further escalations in the fight for fundamental rights. He adds:

The non-targeted confiscation action fits into the picture of generally deep fundamental rights restrictions at the summit location. A place is paralyzed, peaceful demonstrations are largely banned, border controls are reintroduced, license plates are probably stored en masse and surveillance technology such as drones and error-prone facial recognition are used. On the basis of the extremely repressive Bavarian police and assembly law, a state of emergency is created that disregards fundamental rights. In a democracy we should treat the powerful with a healthy mistrust, not the state of its citizens with general suspicion.

dr Patrick Breyer, Pirate Party MEP

Tarnkappe.info requested further information from the Pirate Party; we will update the article here as soon as we have the answer.


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